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Foscam FI8918W Indoor Pan/Tilt Wireless IP Camera

Are you looking for CCTV? Maid Surveillance System? Baby monitor?

This Foscam FI8918W can achieve all the above!

(available in black and white colour)

I've purchased these cameras and installed at my house early this year and had been using them since then, so far, I found the cameras excellent and really solve all my problems.

Lets take a look of the camera views from my computer while I was working in office:

Yes! I can view my house easily while I was working in office, I can even hear the sound from my house and talk to my children with a microphone!

I can also view the cameras by using my Iphone anywhere anytime I want!

Here's a sample video on how Foscam cameras can be viewed on Iphone:

(Please note the application shown in the youtube is a purchased app, for free app the functions will be lesser)

You can easily set up the cameras by yourself, for me, I set up the cameras by myself and when I encountered problem, I contacted my supplier to help me fix it. I just need to install a software downloaded from internet, she helped me to fix the problem remotely, and hoola! I got my cameras installed!

The images on the cameras are very clear, example in my picture above, my kids room (the one at the below) was in dark, but the image was still very clear.

One feature I like about this camera is that I could set motion detection in any of the cameras, and once there is movement in the room, it'll auto send the images to my email, and if I'm viewing from computer, it'll record the movement in my computer too.

Sample pictures of email sending to me after the camera detected motion:

Some other benefits of this excellent camera:
- Simple to setup, Friendly GUI, DIY installation
- Support 3G network & IPhone viewing
- High image & video quality, Two-way audio monitoring
- Auto IR-LED illumination for night vision (up to 7metres)
- Allow remote viewing & record from anywhere anytime
- Support IE browser or any other standard browsers
- Wi-Fi compliant with wireless standards IEEE 802.11b/g
- Support both WEP, WPA & WPA2 Encryption
- Motion detection alert via email or upload image to FTP
- Multi-level users management with password protection

Now, I would like to share my privilege price with you!
It is retailing at $180 per piece but ALL mylittlecasa readers can get it at just $140 [it is further reduced to $125 due to the good response from the readers!] net inclusive of delivery!

So what do you pay as a mylittlecasa reader?
$125 discounted price! Free delivery!

If you're interested to get one, just email to:

1 Year 1 to 1 exchange warranty. No monthly subscription! Only $140 $125 per piece and no other subsequent charges!

Other sample videos:
Shows video in daylight and night vision for the Foscam FI8918W

With movement of people in hallway at home

Foscam Surveillance App for viewing with iPhone
*Free Foscam Viewing Apps also available: Camviewer for Foscam (iPhone App) or IP Cam Viewer Lite (for Android)

Send your enquiries to info@foscamsingapore.sg now, remember to quote that you're recommended by mylittlecasa to get the discounted price!

You may enter 'littlecasa' when you purchase the following Foscam IP camera from www.foscam.sg/store to enjoy further 12% of discount from the already discounted price of $125! i.e $110 each with free delivery til 28 Feb 2013

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