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Toilet and Kitchen accessories, My review of Royal Fanco

I guess many have the same problem as me, too many accessories to buy for Kitchen and Toilet, and no idea which one to buy and where to buy. I search around renotalk and Singaporebride forum, found that most people prefer to go just a single shop that can shop for all the necessary stuff at cheap price, everyone just don't like to go through the hassle of going from one shop to another for price comparison, if you're also this kind of person, I'll suggest a place for you, go 'Jalan Besar'!
Royal Fanco has quite a good review on the forum, so I headed to the shop on one of the weekends. I notice that most shops in Jalan Besar has very good or reasonable price tag on their display, without much bargain needed. Previously I visited "Xin SJ" at IMM, the price tag seem much higher and the salesperson are not helpful at all, I still don't know what should I buy after I left there.
Royal Fanco is a very small shop along Jalan Besar, when i first step in I was quite reluctant to ask the boss there. The boss Henry approached us and I told him generally the things i might be buying, he then introduced his items one by one. Overall my shopping experience there was present, I was quite surprise he has everything that I need there, and he can actually store so many things in his little shop space! E.g when I mentioned about toilet bowl, he'll show me the package available which include the toilet bowl and basin at promo price of $330, then he'll tell me I need to buy the toilet bowl offset cost $12, then the basin tap, toilet roll hanger, towel hanger, shower set and etc. After I finished choosing my toilet accessories, then we moved on to kitchen which he'll do the same, by introducing the different items i need and show me different materials for me to choose. When i mentioned about Fan, he also recommended those on promotion to me, when i told him the quote i got from other seller, he even told me honestly my quote is very cheap and can get from that seller.
Like others commented on the forum, he's quite helpful, I spent about 2 hours there and bought about $3,200 worth of items from him, he absorbed the GST, and gave me 2 toilet brush FOC, but didn't give me any discount even though I tried to bargain.
I set a delivery date of 8 Oct for him, but my contractor later requested the delivery to be earlier, I called Henry and he arranged for me, my items delivered on the earlier date without any problem.
Even though he did not give me discount, but I believe in what he said his price is already discounted. Today I saw a similar stainless steel double towel hanger at TPY around $48, which I got from Henry at $32 only.
My rating for his shop and his service is 4 out of 5 stars, I strongly recommend you go to his shop for your accessories shopping, even if you're not going to his shop, do buy from other shops along Jalan Besar, prices for those shops in the shopping mall is at least 30% more expensive!

Address and contact of Royal Fanco
Add: 135, Jalan Besar, Singapore 208853
Tel: 62990453
Email: royal_fanco@yahoo.com.sg

Some of the items I bought there:

(Baron Toilet Bowl and basin at $330)

(Common Toilet tempered glass bowl basin with tap, bottle trap brass, stainless steel bracket etc to make it a set at $310)

(Shower rose 8" brass at $85, the whole set of rain shower with conceal mixer, shower head, connecting nod is $243)

For Fanco ceiling fan that I bought from Royal fanco, please click here.

Good Service Update:
Royal Fanco delivered the items to my contractor earlier per our request, the workers said they've checked the items but after installation (more than a week later) some items were missing. After given Henry a call, there was only one item they missed out deliver while the other 2 mentioned by my contractor I did not bought at that time. Henry delivered the missing item together with the new item required by my contractor in the afternoon. He did not collect the money on delivery for the additional item but told me to pay when i have time to go down his shop or mail him the cheque instead. I find his service is very good, and he resolved the issue promptly. When my contractor called to say there're items missing, I was like, "Oh no", is very hard to argue with the seller as someone did check the items and signed the DO, but Henry is very good and honest in telling me that they indeed miss out one item and offer to deliver the item immediately.
Again, thumbs up for Royal Fanco!
35 Responses
  1. Eddel29 Says:

    the price is right. it is very elegant.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Matt finished swing glass door - $500

    where you get this fix? can share with me ? the Royal Fanco u recommend sound excellent, will go there tomorrow.

    Can email me @ tzechiang2002@yahoo.com.sg

  3. mylittlecasa Says:

    If you go Royal Fanco can go look for Harry, he'll recommend all the necessary things to you and price he quoted will be final and very hard to slash, at most he'll only give you some freebies.
    For the swing glass door, I'll email you the contact :)

  4. Anonymous Says:

    wat is the address,thanks

  5. Mylittlecasa Says:

    The address is stated in the article but u may also see here:
    Add: 135, Jalan Besar, Singapore 208853
    Tel: 62990453
    Email: royal_fanco@yahoo.com.sg

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Matt finished swing glass door - $500

    can email me the direct contact that you get from marsiling factory?


    Thanks for writing and we really learn a lot from this blog!

  7. mylittlecasa Says:

    Have emailed you :)

  8. Anonymous Says:


    Sorry i didn't get your email for the

    Matt finished swing glass door - $500

    can email me the direct contact that you get from marsiling factory?


    thanks alot gal!

  9. mylittlecasa Says:

    Hi David,
    Have replied you :)

  10. Anonymous Says:

    I like your blog and it's really useful :)
    Can email me the glass door contact direct from factoy?



  11. mylittlecasa Says:

    Hi Lcnem,
    have emailed you

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Hi there,

    likewise, can you email me the glass door contact direct from factoy?


    thank you!

  13. mylittlecasa Says:

    Pls refer here:

  14. Zoel Says:


    Can you kindly email me the contact for the glass factory @ marsiling?
    I am excited after reading your blog.. So fulfiling!
    I just gotten my keys for woodlands new flat! =D

    Email mi @ z0el1008@gmail.com

    Thank you v v much..

  15. Anonymous Says:

    Hi. U meant u got the glass door from factory on Ur own and got Ur contractor Mr tan to install? Can email me contact pls? Im looking at top hung sliding door for my mbr toilet.
    Thanks. Really learnt alot from your blog.

    My email is shimin_bunny@yahoo.com


  16. mylittlecasa Says:

    Hi Zoel and Shimin,
    Mr Tan helped me to get the doors from the Marsiling directly, and installed for me, you can contact him at 96354336

  17. Anonymous Says:

    Hi,may I know where did you get the storage mirror cabinet in your mgr toilet? Thanks.

  18. mylittlecasa Says:

    Hi Peggy,
    I got it from Royal Fanco. Do measure your bathroom if you're getting one, can get a big one if size permit, the one I'm using now is a bit small for my bathroom.

  19. kitchen sink Says:

    Thank you so much, This has got to be the most information,it has a lot of tips. glad that i saw your blog..

  20. ApplePie Says:

    May I know what is the model of the Baron toilet bowl you are using? I have seen Baron 203 and 303. Is it working good so far? Any problem with the flushing? Thanks :)

  21. mylittlecasa Says:

    mine is 303 :)
    So far no problem with the flushing and it is working well :)

  22. Elis Layla Says:

    It's nice to read proffesional article. Thanks for share.

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  24. Guardaziel Says:

    Hi. Can email me the contact of the direct supplier for glass swing door pls? My email is

  25. Guardaziel Says:

    My email is: I.well707@yahoo.com

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