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My Cheap Quotation for Cabinet, wardrobe and carpentry work

Many had asked me for the quotation, you may refer to the quotation given below. However, do note that this can only be a guideline to you, as my renovation was done in October 2010.
( living )
1.Feature wall with laminate finishing 76 sgft = $1596.00
2.Tv console A/L sdiling door 6 ft = $660.00
3.Feature wall with mirror 41sqft = $900.00

( kitchen )
1Ttop cabinet 8.5ft =$722.50
2.Low cabinet with 14.5ft = $1232.50
3.solid surfale top16.5ft =$1320.00
4.Stainless steel packing 1pc =$100.00

( Bed room 1 )
1.Wordrabe with swing door 7ft =$1260.00

( Bed room 2 )
1.Wordrabe and bookcase with swing door 6.5ft =$1170.00

( Master bedroom )
1.Wardrobe with sliding door 7.5ft =$1500.00
2.vanity cabinet with A/L door and solid surface top 4ft =$680


# white gloss laminate # 0.7mm 1pc =$46.00 ---- 2mm 1pc =$200.00

1. Tv console 1pc =$154.00
2. kitchen cabinet 4pcs =$616.00
3. Bed room 1. 3pcs =$462.00
4. Bed room 2. 3pcs =$462.00
5. Master room 4pcs =$616.00

I have negotiated here and there with my carpenter, the final figure I paid is $11,000 in total.

For pictures on my wardrobe, click here.

For pictures on my feature wall, click here

For pictures on my mirror at the dining area, click here

As you might be interested in getting the contact, here it goes:

Ah xiong +6016 7051751 (Msia) ; +65 81849871

Please tell them you're introduced by Winnie from Hougang for a better quote.

I'm getting his Singapore contact, I'll be updating here soon.
82 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:


    Can you email me at sales@zero-six.com your carpenter contact? Tks

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Hi, what brand of solid surface is this?

  3. mylittlecasa Says:

    Sorry, I forgotten what brand is this.
    If given a chance again, I might not use this type of solid surface, coz it is very prompt to scratches and can't stand the heat. You might want to reconsider the cons of it.

  4. Anonymous Says:


    Would mind to email me your contractor info :)
    My flat coming soon, is there anything i need to look out for?


  5. mylittlecasa Says:

    Hi Jerry,
    The contact is stated in the article and below:

    Ah xiong +6016 7051751 (Msia)
    Ah Qun +65 97799476 (Singapore) or +6012 7848478 (Msia)

    If you've any concent on your now flat, just give me an email :)

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Hi, do you have any idea about cost of silestone counter top, and stainless steel sink, thanks.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Hi can yr contractor do kitchen countertop made of tiles ? Do they accept small work such as kitchen countertop only n do they converse in English, thanks !

  8. mylittlecasa Says:

    They can do tiles. Most contractors are not keen on small work, but you may try calling them. They speak chinese and some dialets, not good in English.

  9. Anonymous Says:


    Can you email me your contractor info,like the office address in singapore :)
    I'm planning to do my renovation soon, is there anything i need to look out for?


  10. mylittlecasa Says:

    Pls call them at these no for the address :)
    Ah xiong +6016 7051751 (Msia)
    Ah Qun +65 97799476 (Singapore) or +6012 7848478 (Msia)

    Are you getting ID or main contractor? I would suggest you flip through those renovation magazine to get a theme that you like first, so it'll be easier when u discuss with your ID or contractor :)

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Okay, thank you for your info:)

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Hi I just bought a place and finding people to do up the kitchen and my rooms wardrobe. Those mobile numbers you have published are all contractors or what? As its a few people and you said Mr Tan is your contractor then what does Ah Xiong and Ah Qun in charged of before I give them a call. Thanks.

  13. mylittlecasa Says:

    Mr Tan is my main contractor who did everything for me except for wardrobe and cabinet related items (i.e. basin vanity, kitchen cabinets, TV feature wall etc). My wardrobe and cabinets were done by Ah Xiong and Ah qin.

  14. Anonymous Says:


    who come out with the design concept for yr house ? Do you hire someone to draw out a design plan for Mr Tan.

  15. mylittlecasa Says:

    I came out with the design but Mr Tan gave me some suggestions or improvement. I refer to magazine and cut and paste here and there and draw it out to show it to him, he looked at my design and asked me questions on the measurement, e.g. where do I want to put my TV and Piano etc. He also suggest on my false ceiling and the size of the false ceiling, we exchanged ideas and I let him go ahead with his suggestion.
    For those wardrobe and cabinet, I just told the carpenter what I want e.g. sliding door, white glossy laminate and they'll come up with the design and measurement, I just need to check on their drawing to make sure the details are ok e.g. how many pull out drawers, the length of the wardrobe.

  16. Hi
    There seems to be some problem with the Singapore no. you have provided above. could you pls give me his e-mail ID if possible.
    thanks :)

  17. mylittlecasa Says:

    Hi Zainab,
    He is in Msia during weekend and his hp will be off when he's in Msia. You can try during weekday office hour. If still cannot get thru, you can try their Msia no.
    From what I know, they have a SG office but their factory is in JB.

  18. Ashley Says:

    Hi Little Casa,

    Saw the laminate is separately quoted. Is the total wardrobe cost need with the laminate cost?

    ( Bed room 1 )
    Wordrabe with swing door 7ft =$1260.00
    Bed room 1. 3pcs =$462.00

    Total cost of the wardrobe = $1260+$462?

  19. mylittlecasa Says:

    Hi Ashley,
    Yes, what you've written down is the total cost of the wordrobe, the laminate cost is just a guideline on how he derive the cost for each wardrobe.

  20. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks for the contact. i just called Ah Qun. Hope he can do a good job.

  21. Anonymous Says:

    Hi My little Micasa,

    Can you share the carpenter contact details (company name, singapore and malaysia contact office and mobile no.)by email to me (email address: vendorbest@yahoo.com. Thanks.


  22. mylittlecasa Says:

    Hi James,
    You can get the contact at the bottom of the post.

  23. Anonymous Says:


    I have difficulty reaching them via both SG and Msia numbers. You mentioned they have a company in SG, do you know the name? Would like to try my luck calling the company directly instead.


  24. mylittlecas Says:

    Hi Judy,
    What time did you call them? My aunt had recently called them and had her cabinets installed within 2 weeks.
    Maybe when u called he has not reached SG yet, try to call in the afternoon.
    For the Msia no, the last time he told me his factory area reception not good, so got to try different timing also.
    I don't know their SG co name.

  25. NuY Says:

    Tried to call.. but he can't speak english T_T

  26. Anonymous Says:

    Tried sg phone , can't get thru
    Tried msia phone, no one answer

  27. Anonymous Says:
    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  28. Luxus Says:

    Many thanks for providing such handy information. I seriously value your expert approach. I would like to thank you for the efforts you made in writing this particular post. I am hoping the same from you in the future as well.
    Kitchen Furniture India

  29. Anonymous Says:


    Can you please send me your contact? email me at rififi_van@yahoo.com


  30. mylittlecasa Says:

    Hi sorry, he seemed to have some problem and he doesn't have Singapore no :(

  31. Anonymous Says:

    hi the quotation is in sing dollars? do they come to your place to do measurements for the built in wardrobe. please help as i just collect my keys looking for contractor.thanks

  32. mylittlecasa Says:

    The quotation is in SGD, yes, he came my house to do the measurements. He's SG phone no is stated in the post now, good luck to you!

  33. Raj Says:

    Hi Can you email me the contact details of the contractor ; rajesvari12@gmail.com

  34. Anonymous Says:

    hi Can you email me the contact details of the contractor

    to swapnachindam@gmail.com

  35. Anonymous Says:

    hi, can u email me the carpentry details?
    jenchen2105@gmail.com..thank u

  36. Anonymous Says:

    hi, dun mind can also email mi the carpentry details. rave_lin@ymail.com

  37. Anonymous Says:


    I am looking for a carpenter to build a bunkbed for me. I have a very little room and i want to put a bunk bed. I have the two beds (that are exactly the same) but i need someone to create the frames so that it holds.

    can you pls send me any phones or emails to contact?


  38. mylittlecasa Says:

    Dear all,
    I'll not answer any question on contact as it is already stated in the post :)

  39. Anonymous Says:

    Hi there... how much do they charge for the 9ft kitchen cabinet in total up and down??

  40. mylittlecasa Says:

    The cost of mine is already stated on the post above. If you're asking for new quote, please contact the supplier directly.

  41. Eng Teck Lim Says:


    I would like to know enquirey about the price for table top.
    I have a very tight budget, pls email me @ hubbleon@gmail.com so that I can give you a
    drawing of the detail I enquire.


  42. Anonymous Says:

    I am in need of a cabinet maker for a TV console and a Computer desk, can you please email me contact email for cabinet maker so i can send dimensions for a quote; tarshie-wills@hotmail.com

  43. ckwong Says:

    How is Ah Qun workmanship and cost ?

  44. Selvam Mony Says:

    Can you recommend carpenter for wardrobe for bedrooms and kitchen cabinets. email to selvamony0206@gmail.com or contact arul at 81806806. Tks.

  45. Anonymous Says:

    can you recommend me your carpenter. I would like to enquiry. my email is tingting-88@live.com.sg
    thanks :)

  46. Anonymous Says:

    Think this Ah xiong not very realiable. Contacted him once and he came to quote. Subsequently MIA and can't get him already. Called Ah Qun but he said they break partnership already. Just becareful when you engage them cos I didn't want to take the risk of missing contractors

  47. Anonymous Says:

    hi home owners,

    Please check out our Fb page for one stop interior solutions and design for home owners, office and retail outlets at affordable pricing.


  48. Anonymous Says:

    How to contact you

  49. Anonymous Says:

    yours really good price,
    for $12K i paid, I only get kitchen cabinet (top 10ft, bottom 15.5ft), 1 x 5.5ft wardrobe in MBR and service yard grille & window + painting ...

  50. Hi, Can you please recommend your carpenter?? One of My best friend would like to enquiry.

  51. Elis Layla Says:

    It's nice post i really love to read this it has full of information about home kitchen.

  52. Gred Ang Says:

    can u send me the email of their address or contact info? Thanks a lot.

  53. Unknown Says:


    Do you still have their contact?


  54. Unknown Says:

    Can you email me the contact details to aziz.shakir@gmail.com
    thanks in advance

  55. AJ Says:

    Can you email me the contact details to aziz.shakir@gmail.com
    thanks in advance

  56. any updates of the hp number???

  57. Unknown Says:

    Hi, can show me your kitchen cabinet? Thanks

  58. Unknown Says:

    Hi I tried calling their number it is no long in use. can update?

  59. gee Says:


    We have been trying to find a laminate in singapore for the past 3 months and failed to get. I am hoping that i can get at least from malaysia. Please share their email contact to geethas1424@gmail.com

    Many Thanks

  60. Thanks so much for sharing this awesome info! I am looking forward to see more posts by you!
    custom carpentry singapore

  61. Irene Tan Says:

    Do u have the latest contact number for Ah Xiong. Thks

  62. alyssa koh Says:

    Can send me the direct capenter contact?

  63. alyssa koh Says:

    Hi can help to email me the capenter contact? Urgently need help! Thanks..

  64. Agnes Says:

    Hi can you email me carpenter contact as I would like to have some cabinets done. email address choongpcagnes@gmail.com. Thank you.

  65. Anonymous Says:

    Hi there, can you please email me the carpenter contact as well? email address avaleon@hotmail.com. thanks!

  66. Anonymous Says:


    Thanks for sharing your experience! Would like to contact and get a quote from this contact too, really appreciate if you can send his updated contact as well, thanks!

    email: winniewongjiaen@gmail.com

  67. Anonymous Says:

    Do u hv his number

  68. Anonymous Says:

    Sheilajk01@yahoo.com. could u email me his contact nu bet

  69. darda Says:

    Can you send me the carpenter contact? darda24@gmail.com

  70. Victor Lim Says:

    I need some modification on my build-in study table. Replace drawers with a sliding keyboard platform. Are you able to help. Please send me contact at vp39pl@gmail.com. Thanks.

  71. Unknown Says:

    Is the above stated contractor still available? I am thinking of doing up my kitchen cabinet for my new bto flat.

  72. Unknown Says:


    Thanks for sharing your experience! i Would like to contact and get a quote from this contact too,
    I am running on a very tight budget, really appreciate if you can send his updated contact as well, thanks!

    I am running on a very tight budget


  73. Anonymous Says:


    I am thinking of building wardrobe for 4 rooms. Can you send me his contact? thanks


  74. cookiebunnie Says:

    Hi, I looking for contractor who can build a custom table. Could you please email me his contact please? Thank you


  75. This comment has been removed by the author.

  76. Am looking for a contractor to renovate my house. Pls email me at abdul.azees@mcc.com.sg

  77. Hi Ashley,
    Yes, what you've written down is the total cost of the wordrobe, the laminate cost is just a guideline on how he derive the cost for each wardrobe.

  78. Teaklight Says:

    Sorry, I forgotten what brand is this.
    If given a chance again, I might not use this type of solid surface, coz it is very prompt to scratches and can't stand the heat. You might want to reconsider the cons of it.

  79. Thanks for sharing the facts. You truly impressed me by this post of yours. And what exactly is additional commendable will be the authenticity in the content material. logo maker

  80. Unknown Says:

    Have you done yours if so could u share your quotation and contacts

  81. Nura Seth Says:

    93910773 GMRockstarz@gmail.com affordable and recommended general contractor specialising in Korean Eco-Vinyl. A 1-stop solution to your renovations needs =_=

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