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Full Height Wardrobe with Glossy Laminate and Sliding Door

I hacked the existing wardrobes in my bedrooms and built new ones. Here are pictures of the wardrobe in my master bedroom.
This is a full height wardrobe, the size of around 7 ft, with sliding doors, built in sliding mirror. It costs more than a normal wardrobe due to the height and the glossy laminate, for my quotation please refer here.

Full height wardrobe is a must to me, as I do not like to clean the dust accumulated at the top of the wardrobe, and sliding door can save the space in my room. Everything must be kept inside the wardrobe, I like a clean look of it:

Take a look of the following if my wardrobe is those transparent type or those racks without doors:

Is so messy right?

One feature I like about this wardrobe is the built in mirror, which allows me to view my outfit and save my room space at the same time:

A closer look at the mirror:

I would not say the workmanship is perfect, I would say it is acceptable given the cheap price. I engaged a contractor from Malaysia to do all the carpentry work for me, they do have company in Singapore though. A closer look at the workmanship:

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Hi There,

    Can email me the renovation contractor conjtact no.?
    at 'nisa.hady@flexlng.com'

    Many thanks!


  2. mylittlecasa Says:

    Hi Nisa,
    Have emailed you :)

  3. affini Says:

    Hi there
    Can you email the contacts? Many thanks!



  4. Hi affini,
    You may refer to below for the full quotation and contacts :)

  5. bulltrader Says:


    Thanks for sharing. Do you mind sending me the contact details to jeremych.tan@gmail.com. Many thanks.


  6. bulltrader Says:


    Thanks for sharing. Do you mind sending me the contact details to jeremych.tan@gmail.com. Many thanks.


  7. mylittlecasa Says:

    Hi Jeremy,
    Pls see here for contacts:

  8. zabat Says:


    Do you mind sending me the contact details to zabat33@gmail.com. Many thanks.


  9. mylittlecasa Says:

    H Zabat,
    have emailed you.

  10. Jagan Says:

    Hi can email the contact to jagan23@hotmail.com?

  11. mylittlecasa Says:

    Hi Jagan,
    Here's the contact:
    Ah xiong +6016 7051751 (Msia)
    Ah Qun +65 97799476 (Singapore) or +6012 7848478 (Msia)

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Hi can email me the contacts at levis_jeans502@yahoo.com. thx

  13. Anonymous Says:

    Can you email to me the contact details at yabadabadoo_007@yahoo.com.sg


  14. Anonymous Says:


    Can send me the contractor detail at weixiang87@gmail.com.

    Wei Xiang

  15. Anonymous Says:


    Can you please email me contractor details at manoj@etristar.com.sg


  16. Anonymous Says:

    hello! May I have the contact as well, please? specious.spectacle@gmail.com

  17. Anonymous Says:

    Can you email to me the contractor details at rajboi87@gmail.com


  18. Anonymous Says:

    Hi ,
    Kindly email me the contractor at mohdfaridsaid@ymail.com


  19. Anonymous Says:

    can you email me the contractor too at morgansiowrx@gmail.com

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