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Invisible Grille - Review

These are the companies specialising on Invisible Grille:
1) One curtain - Invisible Grille
Contact: David Phua 97222800 / 64451669
Website: www.invisiblegrille.com.sg
Address: 6001, Beach Road #19-06 Singapore 199589
Email: sales@invisiblegrille.com.sg

2) Legate Asia
Contact: Alvin Ng 9691-2925
Email: sales901@legate.com.sg
Website: www.legate.asia
Address: 7030 Ang Mo Kio Ave 5 #02-39 NorthStar @ AMK Singapore 569880
T: (65) 6242 1911
F: (65) 6846 1922

3) E Marketing & Home Services
Contact: Alvin Chia
Address: 61, Kaki Bukit Avenue 1, Shun Li Industrial Park,Singapore 417943
Email: sales@ehomeservices.com.sg
Website: www.ehomeservices.com.sg
T: (65) 8337 1277 ‎

I got Legate to visit my place and quoted me for my 2 bedrooms, but at the end I got David from InvisibleGrille to do my grille for the living hall.
Price quoted by Legate is $12 per sft, by David is $12.90 per sft (heard that price has increased), but Legate charge $120 for powder coated track while David did not charge this, so I find David's quote slightly cheaper and I let him do the job. In total, I paid $750 to do the grille for my living hall window, including transport and labour charge.

Generally, the service from David was good, he had even cleaned the floor and windows for me. He had also helped me patched the wall after the installation and helped me paint the affected area.

There're many points I want to blog about this, I'll separate them in different header for easier viewing but before that let's take a look of my grille:

Do you find it invisible?

Take a closer look

Why Invisible?
Like many, we do not want to install the conventional grille in our rooms that make us feel like imprisoned, I'm glad that there're others who share the same thinking as us and come up with this idea. However, I do not suggest Invisible Grille in your bedrooms, you'll know after reading my below comments.

Is it really invisible?
It is not really invisible, it looks like wires across your window. There's once my SIL commented are those for hanging clothes? Fainted.
Anyway, to me I find it look nicer than the conventional type, at least those 'wires' are slimmer than the conventional grille, and those friends who had myopia do find it invisible...hahah, em.

Is Invisible good?
No. It is definitely not as good as the conventional type. The wires can be cut by wire cutter, thus not suitable for window on corridor and I don't think is suitable for bedrooms too.
Once installed, it is permanent, unlike the iron grille where it can be opened. Thus cleaning could be a problem.
My two bedrooms are installed with the conventional grille, sometimes I do hang my children clothes there for drying purpose, but you can't hang anything on the invisible grille, it'll be loosen. The conventional grille looked more durable.
Besides, do note the gaps between the wires are very narrow, thus it'll be hard to open and close your windows, especially if you're short. For me, I'll need to use a clothe hanger to close the windows....

It is about twice the price of the conventional grille. Legate quoted me close to $700 for my 2 bedrooms, but at the end I decided to install the conventional type which costs me only around $400.

What should you do before installing the invisible grille?
Clean your windows. Ha, sound funny but mind you, once you've installed the grille, is really difficult to clean it.
Repair your windows if necessary, I did not checked my windows during the renovation, after moved in I realised one of the windows can be closed but cannot be locked, but is very difficult to repair it now as I've installed the invisible grille. Whenever there is strong wind and rain, I'll have to pray that the wind would not open my window and the rain will not get into my living hall, sad.

So, after seeing the above review, will I install the Invisible Grille if given a chance again? Yes, I'll still install the grille in my living hall, as I need it to protect my kids from falling off the windows but I do not want to see myself in the prison like locker. But, before the grille is installed, I'll probably repair my windows first.

In summary, the only advantage of Invisible grille over conventional grille is the cosmetic result, so if you're not so particular about this, why not install the conventional type? Anyway I don't find those in my bedrooms look ugly, you may see below picture or refer to my other posts:
29 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    thanks for the review and opinion. although it never cross my mind to install the invinsible grille, i think conventional grille spoilt the view. You dont have much option if you have young kids at home.

  2. mylittlecasa Says:

    Yes, grille is a must if you've young kids at home, I hope this grille can last till my kids turn teenage and I can dismantle it then :)

  3. Anonymous Says:

    your place looks familiar. ha.. is it regentville?
    i just move out from there..


  4. mylittlecasa Says:

    Ha, we missed the chance to be neighbour :)

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Hi, Thanks for your great review. I am intending to install in my balcony only. I guess I still prefer the conventional type in my bedrooms and living room.

  6. mylittecasa Says:

    Agreed. The conventional type is easier to maintain. I just hope it can last till my kids turn teenage and I can remove them. And hopefully my windows will not give me any problem.....

  7. hearttypat Says:

    i read somewhere somewhere that there are now option where you can choose to have one of the panels open. probably you can check with the guy who installed your grille for more details of that option?

  8. Ha, I don't think that's workable, to make the panel able to be open, they'll need to have something in the middle to support, then it'll be the same as the conventional grille. Btw do note that the grille can only installed on the wall, meaning if the side of your windows are those fake wall made by wood or iron plate, you'll have problem on the installation.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks for the review. Also thinking of installing the invisible grille at my balcony only and conventional types at other rooms. Jus got someone to quote conventional for other areas today. But I am more interested in ur ceiling fan. What brand is that and is the lighting enuf?

  10. mylittlecasa Says:

    My ceiling fans are all Fanco. You may refer to below for the review:
    The lighting is enough, normally I only on 1 light bulb out of the 3 light bulbs available :)

  11. chan Says:

    do you have the contact of the coventional grille?

  12. mylittlecasa Says:

    Hi Chan,
    I forgotten the number, the last time I got the number from Mr Tan, you may ask him at 96354336

  13. Anonymous Says:

    Hi Winny,

    May I know what the experience with your conventional grille contractor was? And does he do windows as well?

    I'm currently thinking of changing my windows and grille.



  14. mylittlecasa Says:

    Hi Kristen,
    My conventional grille was arranged by Mr Tan, I did not liaise with the installer, not too sure if he do window. You can give Mr Tan a call at 96354336

  15. Anonymous Says:

    Think as time pass, they will come up with individual
    panel or section with the overall main frame that can be
    slides like sliding window.

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  20. Anonymous Says:

    I would like to share my bad experience with Le Home Creation (Yishun, Aljunied). I'm not satisfied with their quality and service; i have mistrusted them. i was recommended to install invisible window grille to ground floor windows, and was assured of the quality could prevent burglars from breaking in, i was also told that the invisible window grille is not easy to cut off. On 16 Aug 2016, after installing one window on ground floor, i saw the remaining huge rolls of invisible window grille lying on the floor, and out of curiosity, i use a cutter to cut off one small piece. Surprisingly, it took me 2 seconds to cut off! Without hesitation, i call off installing the remaining ground floor window as such "grille" is not safe from break in at all, it is just made of a piece of wire. The "grille (wire)" is also very loose. It can prevent birds from flying in but not break in. I called Le Home Creation (Yishun/Aljunied) for refund, i paid 675, the boss agree to refund only 262. I paid $413 for a piece of wire tied up my ground floor window, what a joke! This is unjustified. The sale guys are friendly when selling the product, but when i signed up and quality problem arises, he denied that he did not assure the quality. If i wasn't assured of the quality is good enough from breaking in, especially ground floor, why would i take up the deal?!! He also claimed that they specialize in invisible window grille, that's why he recommended such grille to me without considering any situation. He also boost that they hv done numerous deals for condominiums. I compromised by paying $150 for that piece of wire and requested refunding $525, but was rejected by the boss. Please be aware of such poor quality from Le Home Creation (Yishun /Aljunied)

  21. Anonymous Says:

    Hi, Thanks for your great review.
    It has been 5 years? How is it going? Still in good condition?

    I m planning to install for my bedroom.
    Meridian Invisible grille 63452337 offers $9/sqf comes with 5 years warranty.
    Invisys 66595232 offers $10/sqf.
    Has not decided which one to choose.

    They have selection to opt the one with window frame so the window grille can be opened. Would be easy to clean windows.

    I am bit shocked to know the grille can be cut off easily by pliers. But I imagine it is, by touching the material. The conventional one should be firmer.

    Pls post some more experience here to share if you guys encounter any good or bad one. ��

  22. Anonymous Says:

    Hi Anonymous who posted on 24 August 2016, may I know which supplier (Meridian or Invisys) that you have engaged to install invisible grill? Any further discount is given by them?

  23. Twinkle_star Says:

    I'm currently looking at Invisible grille too. I was quoted at $7.8/sqft.

  24. Anonymous Says:

    Hi twinkle

    Please share the contact of your invisible grille thank you

  25. Wangjo Says:

    Bad experience with Legate. Some panels were mounted 2 or 3 rivets out of 4 needed. Some rivets were slanted and damaged. They even dented the painted wall and my neighbour's wall. The worst was the boss who came by to check. Instead of apologising, he claimed we "cry mother cry father" in Hokkein and asked us to go to the temple to pray for forgiveness. Very rude and uncouth boss. Pathetic fella. Just wondering how they could survive so long.

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  28. Nelson Pang Says:

    Hi did you ask them to change the ones that you are not satisfied with? If you would have ask, I am very sure that Legate will change to a new set to your satisfactoty. Legate is a reputable company and will make sure you are satisfied with the whole installation. If you didn't ask, ask tomorrow.

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