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Glass door - top hung rail

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Ok, so now I'm going to share my top hung glass door which I 'owe' all of you for a loooong time......
I've previously posted my glass door review here.
Some are interested to find out more about the sliding glass door in my kitchen. It is a top hung glass door, the track looked like this:

The glass door will be hung like this:

With a lower holder like this:

The door is a bit hard to close recently, I suspect something is stuck at the top rail. I find that glass doors are more problematic than normal wooden door and once there's problem the repairing cost is not going to be cheap.

For cost and review do visit my older post on glass door here.
If you're interested on my wooden doors, click here.

How to remove pencil and pen marks on glossy laminated surface

My 2 year old girl scribbled on my TV console while I was busy with something. To my horror the scribbles were by pencil and pen and covered a very large area of my TV console. As my TV console was in white glossy laminate, it was extremely obvious!
I couldn't use any strong detergent or rough sponge to wipe the marks for fear that it would scratch the laminate. I tried using tissue paper with a little water but the marks was too stubborn to be removed, while I was almost giving up, I thought of the UIC soft srub which I normally use for washing my stainless steel pots. I use UIC soft scrub to wash my stainless steel pots as it is not a strong cleaning agent and will not scratch the surface of my pots, and now I discovered its usage other than washing the pot, ahah!
I'm surprised that this UIC soft scrub worked extremely well when used to clean my glossy laminate, I just put a small dot (about the size of a 5 cents coin) to the wet tissue paper and wiped across the pen and pencil marks. The marks disappeared with just one wipe, no strength or whatever hard work was needed! I will definitely use it to wipe my glossy laminate in future, especially those cabinets in the kitchen which are oily after the cooking :)
This UIC soft srub can be bought from NTUC at S$1.55 only:

Metro 20% storewide sales 11-13 Nov

Just been to Metro this morning for the cardmember preview sales, 20% storewide sales and many items are 20%+10% or +20% discount. If you're looking for kitchenware, utensils, bedsheets or even Christmas present, snatch the chance to save cost now!

Cost of revamping a kitchen - before and after

First of all, let's take a look of my kitchen before the renovation:

Entrance to the backyard:

Not that bad, I was once thinking that no need renovation, but I'm glad that I've revamped it and gave it a new life.

My new kitchen look like this now:

Some pictures of the accessories:

I'll post out the cost of these accessories at the lower part of this article.
One point to note, you may want to consider fixing your powerpoints nearer to the table so that you'll not be seeing all the wires hanging on top of each appliances.

The rice cooker and pot will hide the powerpoint, they're purposely moved aside so that I can show you where the powerpoint is.

If you would like to see my sliding glass door to the backyard and sliding glass door at the entrance of my kitchen, click here.

The costs:
1) Supply and construct walls and floor tiles, cabinet base & patch up 2 door ways $2,800, for quotation on my renovation, click here
2) Top and low cabinets, solid surface, stainless steel backing $$3,375. Click here for my cabinet quote.
3) Rinnai hob and hood $980
4) Baron sink $380
5) Fork and spoon holder $35, Dish rack $75, click here to see my purchase from Royal Fanco.

Base on the above, the total cost to revamp my kitchen is around $7,645, and this does not include cost like hacking the existing tiles and re-wiring cost.
If you were to take into account the cost of those electrical appliances, it would easily hit $10,000!

To me Blum system is not necessary, how many times do you open and close your cabinet?

My only regrets in the kitchen are:
1) Use of black colour solid surface, click here
2) Did not build the base for fridge. The base is around $100-$150, but I did not build it thinking it is unnecessary, some forumner commented the base works as to higher up the fridge, so it'll be easier when you wash your kitchen floor. I thought I would never wash my kitchen floor, thus I did not build the base, but the base does not build just for this reason, it is actually higher up the fridge so the door will not hit on your toes when you open the fridge. Thus, many times my poor toes were hit by the fridge door when I opened it.

Great Deals: Gain City Get IT @ Expo 2011 4-7 Nov 2011

Get IT @ Expo 2011

The BIGGEST Gadgets, Electronics, Technology & IT Show

Venue: Singapore Expo Hall 5B

Date: 4th November to 7th November 2011

Timing: 11am - 10pm

An extravaganza consumer electronics and home appliances event that offers incredible grabs from major premium brands electronics, digital and IT brands with the promises of lowest price guaranteed!

Gifts with Purchases! Below $10 Special Buys! Trade In for Lap-tops! Fun Filled Activities and MORE!

Source: http://www.gaincity.com/consumer/events_details.asp?eventsID=112

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Great Deals: Philips Carnival Sales 29-30 Oct 2011

Philips Carnival Sales 2011
Date: 29 to 30 October 2011
Address: 620A, Toa Payoh Lorong 1
Time: 9am to 6pm

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Finally revealing my overall renovation cost - Good and reasonable!

I'm quite reluctant to put up this post, but I think quite many are interested to find out my renovation costs.
The renovation of my house was mainly in charged by Mr Tan, my main contractor. He's an experienced and responsible contractor, with very good workmanship. Except for the carpentry works (see here for the separate quotation), Mr Tan is helping me with all other renovation works.
My renovation cost done by Mr Tan here:

(the above total inclusive of $3,700 for a 3 in 1 Daikin air-con and moving and installing the old aircon to my tenanted house of $400)

Do note that this renovation cost was given last year in November 2010, the prices might have changed. My house is 1152 sqft in total, my wall is at least 3 meter height.
I am very satisfied with the work done, nothing much can be critised, you may refer to my other posts to see the pictures of my house.
I highly recommend Mr Tan to be your main contractor if you're looking for one, it is definitely value for money.
His contact: 96354336 (He speak Chinese, simple English only)
(Btw he has a scar on his face, but he's actually a very nice person, haha!)

Glass door - cost and review

I have 3 glass doors installed in my house. 2 in the kitchen and 1 at my MBR bathroom. Doors can be expensive and cost a bomb to your renovation budget, thus choose the right design carefully and wisely.

1) Hinged glass door at the entrance to backyard (clear without matte finished) - $400

(exclude sticker - sticker cost $2 from Daiso)
2) Sliding glass door at the entrance to kitchen (clear without matte finished) - $600

(exclude sticker - sticker costs around $10)
3) Hinged glass door for MBR toilet (matte finished) - $450

(Price listed above are direct price from factory, you might want to mark up a bit if yours are from ID or contractor)

How to save cost:
1) Buy direct from factory, I got mine from a glass factory in Marsiling
2) As you can see, matte finished is more expensive than clear glass door, unless the door is installed for toilet, you can choose clear glass door and decorate it with some stickers. The reason I put stickers on the glass door is to avoid people from banging against the door when it is closed, it is especially dangerous for sliding door, funny, but it really happen in my old house before, when the door is closed, you can't really see that it is closed or open..... Besides, the sticker also made my doors looked elegant, don't they?

Pros of glass door:
1) The pro is of course it looked more classy and elegant, definitely better than the wooden doors.
2) It creates spaces for small room, not only the sliding door, even the hinged door make you feel your room is bigger, the effect is just like those glass windows.
3) It is easier to maintain the cleanliness compare to the wooden door, no wear and tear on the door except on the hinge.

Cons of glass door:
1) Cost more expensive than wooden door
2) Need extra care not to bang the door (although it is tempered glass)
3) The hinge might give sounds over time as the door is heavy
4) High repair cost if any of the hinge spoilt
5) Need timely cleaning if not will have visible finger prints etc

Just wipe with damp cloth will do, once a month. For door installed in Kitchen, you might need to use some detergent when cleaning and wiping, as the oil will stick on the door due to cooking, but still it'll be easier to clean compare to wooden door.

Those who are interested to get the door may contact Mr Tan at 96354336!

Rinnai Hob RB-3VA and Rinnai Hood RH-90CD

I bought my Rinnai Hob RB-3VA and Rinnai Hood RH-90CD from Asia Excel at IMM (see my review of this shop here).
I bought the set of hood and hob at $980. The price was not expensive consider I was getting a chimney hood and a 3 burner stainless steel hob. I like the design of the RH-90CD hood, and this is the reason why I'd waited it for such a long time.
A picture of it with the hob:

This is how it was displayed in my kitchen, sorry about the messiness.

I got my carpenter to fix the hood and hob for me, however, there were some problems after fixing, like the hood could not function and the burner very hard to start. I called the customer service of Rinnai and the lady told me I got to wait a very long time to get the problem fixed. I threw my tantrum on her and told her I waited more than a month to get the items delivered to my premise and now it couldn't function and I got to wait again?! She possessed very bad customer service and we had a few quarrels over the phone and at the end someone sound like the boss came to my place to fix the problem. I did not know who was the guy but I was very satisfied with his service, he fixed the problem and told me the hood was not functioning because of the bad job done by my carpenter, he also showed me the burner was not aligned properly resulted in the problem. He explained to me how to take good care of my hood and hob. I would advise that if you're paying someone to install the hood and hob, it'll be better to get the agent to do it instead of your contractor.

A closer look of my hood:

After a year of use, my Rinnai hood is still functioning well, but not the stainless steel hob:

One of the burners is very hard to start fire

As you can see, the inside of the burner is rusted
Look at the circled area, it was also rusted.

As my branded stainless steel pot bought from OG also got rusted, I don't know whether the hob rusted is because of our SG water (the salesman from OG told me the rust is from the steel in the water), many stainless steel items in my house seem to get rusted anyway. The salesman told me, if you can wipe of the rust by using detergent, it means the rust is not from the item, I don't know how true is that you might want to give it a try.

Overall, I don't find Rinnai products excellent in anyway compare to my previous Elba, but as the price is quite reasonable to me, I'll stick to this brand currently and monitor the hob.

Asia Excel Pte Ltd at IMM - Poor coordination

I did not do a search on this company when i purchased my Rinnai Hood and Hob there. They've quite a bad review from Renotalk forum.
I bought my hood and hob from Asia Excel in early September, I specified my delivery on 1 October, later changed to 14 October but it was delivered only in November. Just one week before the delivery, the sales girl Serene called me to say that the hood I wanted was out of stock, and asked me whether I wanted to change to another hood, although I was angry, I did not pursue, I told her I would wait for the hood and told her to remind the agent (she said this was the agent fault and not her fault).
I can't remember how long had I waited and someone called me telling me that the hood was still out of stock, this time round I gave them a fuss as I couldn't believe after such a long time it was still out of stock, I told them they shouldn't sell it to me if it was out of stock, and the girl calling me asked me whether I want to change to another hood, again. I told her no, I just want this hood and I would wait for it as Serene told me the agent would order it again in a month time. The girl promised me she would fax the order to the agent again. But this time round, I lost my confidence in Excel and I got the number of the agent from them and I called the agent personally. As expected, when I called the agent, the aunty picked up the call told me she did not receive any fax from Excel, so I had to coordinate among them to make sure my Rinnai Hood and Hob can be delivered on time......
Lousy coordination, and you only got to know your item is out of stock just before the delivery time!

Think twice before you purchase from Harvey Norman!

Although I purchased my Bosh washine machine and Sony blue-ray from Harvey Norman, I do not have good impression of their salesmen, and given a chance, I'll not choose Harvey Norman. Last weekend, I made my mistake by going to Harvey Norman thinking that it was Gain City! Anyway since I was there and I had limited time to purchase the items needed for my tenanted house, I decided to make my purchase there thinking that the price will not be different too much.
My requirement was pretty simple, I just want something cheap, because the items were for my tenant, a calculative owner like me would not spend too much on the items, and I told the salesman there frankly about my budget. I quickly settled my purchase of a Sumsung fridge at $449, a LG 6.5kg washing machine at $299, and a Techno Gas hob at $289. The salesman kept pushing another LG fridge to me, for which the design is obviously not as good as the Sumsung fridge, which I spent time to keep telling her why I didn't want it. She also told me that I need to pay $30 to the Techno Gas man to install the hob, fine.
My real fire started one day later when my tenant told me the hood is not working properly and I went back Harvey Norman to check whether I can add in one more hood. As I bought a Techno Gas hob from HN already, I thought by adding a Techno Gas hood I can save the installation cost or probably get a lower price, but this is not the case! I stand there waited 10 minutes like an idiot and the salesman told me my hood size is too big that Techno Gas has no matching hood for it, unless I consider Glass top hood!? I told him I want a cheap hood, and I'm ok with any brands, still, he searched and searched his catalog like I had given him a tough task! He then turned to me and said that only one hood from Electrolux can fit the measurement, and that costs $445, after discount will be $399, and I need to pay $35 for installation, she said this money is paid to the contractor and not HN. I was a bit unhappy as I can't believe Techno Gas has no hood (other than those higher range) that can meet my measurement. When I asked why do I need to pay for installation again as I had also bought a hob from HN, was it because they are different brands? She replied me that even if the hob and hood are same brand, I still need to pay for installation charge for both as they are two different things, she further gave me a stupid example that if you buy 2 water heaters, the installation charge will be doubled. Still, I gave in to say yes, as I did not want to spend time to argue on the small discount, she then told me that the size of the hood is just 2 cm more than the hole of my measurement, and lesser than my current hood, this make me worry and I can't take it anymore! I told her, I'm not buying anymore, I don't get cheaper price for adding one more purchase, and worst still I don't have choices over the hood! Why should I buy from HN then?! I'm glad that my mind was finally clear.
On the same day, I went to Courts in TPY centre. When I was there, I straight away told the salesman my measurement, and my budget, he immediately introduced a 3 burners UNO hood for $358. Uno is a brand under Techno Gas, I was surprised that Courts can find me one cheap hood that can match my measurement and yet HN cannot! The salesman told me no installation charge, just delivery charge of $30! He even told me if this hood cannot meet the measurement, I can upgrade to another Techno hood at no cost! Just pay for the price difference of $20! I regret for buying my other items from HN, as Courts showroom has plenty cheaper stuff and more varieties, each station they have a salesman who are promoting their items aggressively, unlike HN you get many uncles and anties with limited knowledge serving you there. If I were to buy my hob from Courts, I would have saved at least the $35 installation charge. I remember year ago I bought my items from Courts at 3 different dates, they did not charge me delivery fee for the subsequent purchases.
Xian! Money spent cannot be recovered, I just hope you do your research before committing the purchase, do not end up like me!

Down lights, ceiling lights, wall lights from www.lightings.com.sg

I bought my lights on the dining area from Johor Bahru Malaysia, it was cheap, only cost me RM418 (equivalent to around SGD180), you may click here and here to see the lights.
However, I do not have time to go in Malaysia again, thus I would have to source for another place selling cheap lights in Singapore, and then I found www.lightings.com.sg.
After a little sourcing and comparison, I do find lightings.com prices cheaper, and no bargaining is needed. The prices are fixed as per listed on the shop, no reservation and most people do cash and carry. There are some bad comments on the forum, but I find their service ok and satisfactory. Btw they do charge $18 for delivery.
Although their prices is cheap, the quality of the lights is so-so and some I would say inferior. Out of the lights I bought from them, my wall light in the toilet spoilt and was repaired once only after few months of using it. One of the down lights in my kitchen do blink on and off. However, all these are not a big issue to me, because I can easily repair it by changing the bulb. Anyway the quality of lights are quite depending on luck sometimes, doesn't mean you've spent big money and you'll get a light that will work fine forever.
Down lights, $24 per piece

I like this type of down lights, simple and nice, easy to clean.

How it looks on my living hall. By the way, I've 9 downlights in my living hall, which were controlled by 3 power switches. I can on just the 4 as shown in this picture, or the 2 on top of my piano, or the other 3 on the way to my rooms, you should plan your lights wiring in this way, to save up the energy consumption.

Ceiling light in my MBR, $70

Ceiling light in my common room, $40

Wall light in my MBR toilet, $48

Cost of renovating a toilet including buying the accessories

How much do you need to revamp your toilet? It might cost you a bomb although it could be the smallest room in your house.
Here is the cost I spent on my master bedroom toilet:

The overview of my small toilet on the side with basin and mirror:

Storage mirror cabinet - $170
Wall mirror from IKEA - $19.90
Baron basin and toilet bowl (promotional price for buying these 2 together) - $330
Water tap - $55
Vanity cabinet with glass door - $600 approx (pls click here for my carpentry quotation)

A closer look on the basin:

I like this design, it is easy to clean and maintain. However, I should buy a bigger one as this is a bit smaller given the size of my vanity top. My advice to all is to measure your top before buying the basin.

A closer look on the tap:

If you think $55 for a water tap is expensive, you're wrong. Many toilet accessories sold in branded shops are chrome, not stainless steel, this water tap is stainless steel, and I paid for its design. Click here for my purchases from Royal Fanco.

This mirror cabinet is worth buying especially if you've a small toilet. I should have bought a bigger one since my wall can accommodate the size. You can keep your toiletries, perfumes, cosmetic items in the cabinet.

My vanity cabinet with swing glass doors:

My carpenter suggested a sliding door, but in order to save the cost, I chose to have this type of swing doors. So far I've no problem with it. You may click on the label of "carpentry" on the top left corner to see my other carpentry works.

Wall lights from lighting.com - $48

This is the toilet bowl I bought together with the basin at $330

Toilet paper holder - $18
Bidet - $12
Toilet bowl offset - $8 (you'll need this to fix the toilet bowl to the floor, measure the hole before going to purchase the toilet bowl as there're a few sizes of the toilet bowl, your contractor should advise you on this)

Double towel bar - $32
Toilet brush and holder - FOC from Royal Fanco

Crizto "i" hook - $22

Shower screen with stainless steel handle - $350
My husband wanted a clean look on the shower screen, thus it was designed without any holder at the top of the glass, but after moving in, I found it not secure as the shower screen is quite big and sometimes when we close the door too hard it would shake, thus I paid another $100 to get the glass factory to fix an iron bar at the top of the shower screen to hold it. You can see the iron bar from the reflection of the mirror cabinet.

Rain shower set (including handheld spray, on-off button etc) $159.50
I forgotten the price for the shampoo holderr, but I think is around $28

A closer look on the rain shower headset:

Frankly, I'm not a fan of rain shower, I shall blog about it in my next article.

Matt finished swing glass door - $500

Lastly, tiling for floor and wall - $2200
I like the colour and combination of my toilet tiles. But if given a choice again, I'll choose a darker colour for the floor, so that stains are not so easily spot.

If you sum up the above prices, the total is around $4600. This cost does not include the hacking cost (I spent $2900 to hack off all the tiles in my toilets, rooms and kitchen) and some miscellaneous items which I do not remember.

All the accessories are purchased from Royal Fanco unless I stated so.

All the iron stuff you see in my toilet are stainless steel, consider the material and the workmanship of it, I do not find my cost of $4600 expensive, especially this is my master bedroom toilet for which the size is bigger than the common toilet.

Invisible Grille - Review

These are the companies specialising on Invisible Grille:
1) One curtain - Invisible Grille
Contact: David Phua 97222800 / 64451669
Website: www.invisiblegrille.com.sg
Address: 6001, Beach Road #19-06 Singapore 199589
Email: sales@invisiblegrille.com.sg

2) Legate Asia
Contact: Alvin Ng 9691-2925
Email: sales901@legate.com.sg
Website: www.legate.asia
Address: 7030 Ang Mo Kio Ave 5 #02-39 NorthStar @ AMK Singapore 569880
T: (65) 6242 1911
F: (65) 6846 1922

3) E Marketing & Home Services
Contact: Alvin Chia
Address: 61, Kaki Bukit Avenue 1, Shun Li Industrial Park,Singapore 417943
Email: sales@ehomeservices.com.sg
Website: www.ehomeservices.com.sg
T: (65) 8337 1277 ‎

I got Legate to visit my place and quoted me for my 2 bedrooms, but at the end I got David from InvisibleGrille to do my grille for the living hall.
Price quoted by Legate is $12 per sft, by David is $12.90 per sft (heard that price has increased), but Legate charge $120 for powder coated track while David did not charge this, so I find David's quote slightly cheaper and I let him do the job. In total, I paid $750 to do the grille for my living hall window, including transport and labour charge.

Generally, the service from David was good, he had even cleaned the floor and windows for me. He had also helped me patched the wall after the installation and helped me paint the affected area.

There're many points I want to blog about this, I'll separate them in different header for easier viewing but before that let's take a look of my grille:

Do you find it invisible?

Take a closer look

Why Invisible?
Like many, we do not want to install the conventional grille in our rooms that make us feel like imprisoned, I'm glad that there're others who share the same thinking as us and come up with this idea. However, I do not suggest Invisible Grille in your bedrooms, you'll know after reading my below comments.

Is it really invisible?
It is not really invisible, it looks like wires across your window. There's once my SIL commented are those for hanging clothes? Fainted.
Anyway, to me I find it look nicer than the conventional type, at least those 'wires' are slimmer than the conventional grille, and those friends who had myopia do find it invisible...hahah, em.

Is Invisible good?
No. It is definitely not as good as the conventional type. The wires can be cut by wire cutter, thus not suitable for window on corridor and I don't think is suitable for bedrooms too.
Once installed, it is permanent, unlike the iron grille where it can be opened. Thus cleaning could be a problem.
My two bedrooms are installed with the conventional grille, sometimes I do hang my children clothes there for drying purpose, but you can't hang anything on the invisible grille, it'll be loosen. The conventional grille looked more durable.
Besides, do note the gaps between the wires are very narrow, thus it'll be hard to open and close your windows, especially if you're short. For me, I'll need to use a clothe hanger to close the windows....

It is about twice the price of the conventional grille. Legate quoted me close to $700 for my 2 bedrooms, but at the end I decided to install the conventional type which costs me only around $400.

What should you do before installing the invisible grille?
Clean your windows. Ha, sound funny but mind you, once you've installed the grille, is really difficult to clean it.
Repair your windows if necessary, I did not checked my windows during the renovation, after moved in I realised one of the windows can be closed but cannot be locked, but is very difficult to repair it now as I've installed the invisible grille. Whenever there is strong wind and rain, I'll have to pray that the wind would not open my window and the rain will not get into my living hall, sad.

So, after seeing the above review, will I install the Invisible Grille if given a chance again? Yes, I'll still install the grille in my living hall, as I need it to protect my kids from falling off the windows but I do not want to see myself in the prison like locker. But, before the grille is installed, I'll probably repair my windows first.

In summary, the only advantage of Invisible grille over conventional grille is the cosmetic result, so if you're not so particular about this, why not install the conventional type? Anyway I don't find those in my bedrooms look ugly, you may see below picture or refer to my other posts:

Important Notice

Please note that all photographs posted on my website are my proprietaries. Should you need to use any of them, kindly email to winnyyap@hotmail.com to seek my approval.
Use of photographs without my consent will be treated as copyright infringement and I will make police report against any company or individual for doing so.