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Should you buy BOSH washing machine?

I blogged about how wonderful my Bosh front load washing machine before, after 2 years of using it, it put me down 2 times and I spent $298.85 on its repair last week.

The first time it went down was just before the warranty expired, so I did not pay for the repair cost. Last week, it went down again, and to my horror the technician quoted me $300 for the repair, and it might not be functioning even after the repair! He said, per his experience, the machine can function after he replace a part in the washing machine, but there were cases where this particular part was changed but other problems found, and the cost of repairing was beyond justification. So, he told me to make a decision.

I like my Bosh washing machine, and I've only used it for two years, it is still in good condition (other than the part spoiled), I definitely need to repair it. The cost is really too high, which I should have foreseen this problem. My Bosh is German made, the parts are all imported, I should have expected this high cost of repairing.

At the end, I paid the $300 repair cost, and thank God it is functioning after the part is changed.

If given a chance again, will I purchase this Bosh washing machine? Yes, but I will definitely buy the extended warranty.

My lessons learned:
1) In choosing a washing machine, price does not guarantee durability.
2) If you are buying an expensive machine, you should buy the extended warranty
3) The more expensive the machine, the more expensive the repair cost. E.g. LG charges $40 transport fee, Bosh charges $85.
4) Consider the end users, if your maid is using the machine, don't buy too expensive one, or you must buy the extended warranty.
5) I might consider other brands of washing machine, but it must be front load with warm water selection.

If you're on tight budget, you might consider Sumsung or LG front load washing machine, which I will explore these 2 brands if my machine were to spoil again.

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