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How to remove pencil and pen marks on glossy laminated surface

My 2 year old girl scribbled on my TV console while I was busy with something. To my horror the scribbles were by pencil and pen and covered a very large area of my TV console. As my TV console was in white glossy laminate, it was extremely obvious!
I couldn't use any strong detergent or rough sponge to wipe the marks for fear that it would scratch the laminate. I tried using tissue paper with a little water but the marks was too stubborn to be removed, while I was almost giving up, I thought of the UIC soft srub which I normally use for washing my stainless steel pots. I use UIC soft scrub to wash my stainless steel pots as it is not a strong cleaning agent and will not scratch the surface of my pots, and now I discovered its usage other than washing the pot, ahah!
I'm surprised that this UIC soft scrub worked extremely well when used to clean my glossy laminate, I just put a small dot (about the size of a 5 cents coin) to the wet tissue paper and wiped across the pen and pencil marks. The marks disappeared with just one wipe, no strength or whatever hard work was needed! I will definitely use it to wipe my glossy laminate in future, especially those cabinets in the kitchen which are oily after the cooking :)
This UIC soft srub can be bought from NTUC at S$1.55 only:

Metro 20% storewide sales 11-13 Nov

Just been to Metro this morning for the cardmember preview sales, 20% storewide sales and many items are 20%+10% or +20% discount. If you're looking for kitchenware, utensils, bedsheets or even Christmas present, snatch the chance to save cost now!

Cost of revamping a kitchen - before and after

First of all, let's take a look of my kitchen before the renovation:

Entrance to the backyard:

Not that bad, I was once thinking that no need renovation, but I'm glad that I've revamped it and gave it a new life.

My new kitchen look like this now:

Some pictures of the accessories:

I'll post out the cost of these accessories at the lower part of this article.
One point to note, you may want to consider fixing your powerpoints nearer to the table so that you'll not be seeing all the wires hanging on top of each appliances.

The rice cooker and pot will hide the powerpoint, they're purposely moved aside so that I can show you where the powerpoint is.

If you would like to see my sliding glass door to the backyard and sliding glass door at the entrance of my kitchen, click here.

The costs:
1) Supply and construct walls and floor tiles, cabinet base & patch up 2 door ways $2,800, for quotation on my renovation, click here
2) Top and low cabinets, solid surface, stainless steel backing $$3,375. Click here for my cabinet quote.
3) Rinnai hob and hood $980
4) Baron sink $380
5) Fork and spoon holder $35, Dish rack $75, click here to see my purchase from Royal Fanco.

Base on the above, the total cost to revamp my kitchen is around $7,645, and this does not include cost like hacking the existing tiles and re-wiring cost.
If you were to take into account the cost of those electrical appliances, it would easily hit $10,000!

To me Blum system is not necessary, how many times do you open and close your cabinet?

My only regrets in the kitchen are:
1) Use of black colour solid surface, click here
2) Did not build the base for fridge. The base is around $100-$150, but I did not build it thinking it is unnecessary, some forumner commented the base works as to higher up the fridge, so it'll be easier when you wash your kitchen floor. I thought I would never wash my kitchen floor, thus I did not build the base, but the base does not build just for this reason, it is actually higher up the fridge so the door will not hit on your toes when you open the fridge. Thus, many times my poor toes were hit by the fridge door when I opened it.

Great Deals: Gain City Get IT @ Expo 2011 4-7 Nov 2011

Get IT @ Expo 2011

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Venue: Singapore Expo Hall 5B

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An extravaganza consumer electronics and home appliances event that offers incredible grabs from major premium brands electronics, digital and IT brands with the promises of lowest price guaranteed!

Gifts with Purchases! Below $10 Special Buys! Trade In for Lap-tops! Fun Filled Activities and MORE!

Source: http://www.gaincity.com/consumer/events_details.asp?eventsID=112

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