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Cost of renovating a toilet including buying the accessories

How much do you need to revamp your toilet? It might cost you a bomb although it could be the smallest room in your house.
Here is the cost I spent on my master bedroom toilet:

The overview of my small toilet on the side with basin and mirror:

Storage mirror cabinet - $170
Wall mirror from IKEA - $19.90
Baron basin and toilet bowl (promotional price for buying these 2 together) - $330
Water tap - $55
Vanity cabinet with glass door - $600 approx (pls click here for my carpentry quotation)

A closer look on the basin:

I like this design, it is easy to clean and maintain. However, I should buy a bigger one as this is a bit smaller given the size of my vanity top. My advice to all is to measure your top before buying the basin.

A closer look on the tap:

If you think $55 for a water tap is expensive, you're wrong. Many toilet accessories sold in branded shops are chrome, not stainless steel, this water tap is stainless steel, and I paid for its design. Click here for my purchases from Royal Fanco.

This mirror cabinet is worth buying especially if you've a small toilet. I should have bought a bigger one since my wall can accommodate the size. You can keep your toiletries, perfumes, cosmetic items in the cabinet.

My vanity cabinet with swing glass doors:

My carpenter suggested a sliding door, but in order to save the cost, I chose to have this type of swing doors. So far I've no problem with it. You may click on the label of "carpentry" on the top left corner to see my other carpentry works.

Wall lights from lighting.com - $48

This is the toilet bowl I bought together with the basin at $330

Toilet paper holder - $18
Bidet - $12
Toilet bowl offset - $8 (you'll need this to fix the toilet bowl to the floor, measure the hole before going to purchase the toilet bowl as there're a few sizes of the toilet bowl, your contractor should advise you on this)

Double towel bar - $32
Toilet brush and holder - FOC from Royal Fanco

Crizto "i" hook - $22

Shower screen with stainless steel handle - $350
My husband wanted a clean look on the shower screen, thus it was designed without any holder at the top of the glass, but after moving in, I found it not secure as the shower screen is quite big and sometimes when we close the door too hard it would shake, thus I paid another $100 to get the glass factory to fix an iron bar at the top of the shower screen to hold it. You can see the iron bar from the reflection of the mirror cabinet.

Rain shower set (including handheld spray, on-off button etc) $159.50
I forgotten the price for the shampoo holderr, but I think is around $28

A closer look on the rain shower headset:

Frankly, I'm not a fan of rain shower, I shall blog about it in my next article.

Matt finished swing glass door - $500

Lastly, tiling for floor and wall - $2200
I like the colour and combination of my toilet tiles. But if given a choice again, I'll choose a darker colour for the floor, so that stains are not so easily spot.

If you sum up the above prices, the total is around $4600. This cost does not include the hacking cost (I spent $2900 to hack off all the tiles in my toilets, rooms and kitchen) and some miscellaneous items which I do not remember.

All the accessories are purchased from Royal Fanco unless I stated so.

All the iron stuff you see in my toilet are stainless steel, consider the material and the workmanship of it, I do not find my cost of $4600 expensive, especially this is my master bedroom toilet for which the size is bigger than the common toilet.
23 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    May i know what is the size of your basin?

    I have a big vanity top too & have ordered a similar basin with the size of 530mm x 450mm.

    Asked my contractor will that be too small cause I dun want to repeat your mistake but my contractor told me the size can match.. still feeling uneasy with the size..

  2. mylittlecasa Says:

    Hi, mine is 410x410mm, yours is bigger than mine. What is the depth of your vanity top? I would think no need to keep too much space on the vanity top, or else you'll need to clean up the water splash out from the basin.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    my vanity top is abt 56 x 145 cm..
    Do u think my basin will be too small compared to the vanity top?

  4. mylittlecasa Says:

    You might want to check what is the next size available? Your current size is ok, with 11cm spare space between user and the basin, but I would prefer 5cm space if possible. If there's a next bigger size that can fit on your vanity top, u may change it, but do inform your carpenter about the change in case he already cut the size to your basin.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Hi,I thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog! Learnt alot of things to take into consideration when doing renovation. Nice of you to give us your feedback on what you have done and also for sharing pricing on all those stuff you bought, is really helpful in knowing whats the market rate like. BTW, is it ok for you to email me the contact for getting the wooden doors done with the laminates. Its a great idea btw :). My email address is mousiesheel@hotmail.com

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Hi, i like your mirror cabinet, may i know how much is it? and you got it from RF too? Thank you.

  7. mylittlecasa Says:

    It is $170 and i got it from Royal Fanco :)

  8. Anonymous Says:


    Did you get the shower screen from royal franco too? If not, could you kindly provide the supplier's contact. Here is my email add. aizydanial@gmail.com. Thanks!

  9. mylittlecasa Says:

    all my glass doors and shower screen are from Mr Tan, you may contact Mr Tan at 96354336.

    Visit other glass doors here:

  10. Hi, did u do hacking and water proofing ? if yes, how.much did u pay for it?

  11. mylittlecasa Says:

    I did not do hacking and water proofing :)

  12. I spend for 2 toilet cost me 5000

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  16. It has been 5 years.

    How's the condition of your stainless steel accessories bought from Royal Franco?

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