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Fanco Ceiling Fan Review

After checking from the internet, I bought 4 fanco ceiling fans for my house. Three 52 inch fans for my bedrooms and one 56 inch fan for my living room.
I bought the fans from Royal Fanco, although his price is slightly higher than the quote I got from an online seller, his 52 inch fans are great buy at $165 per fan only inclusive of the nergy saving bulb daylight. For review on Royal Fanco, click here.
The reasons I chose Fanco over other brands are:
1) Cheap
2) Better design
3) The detachable lights are also in better design and cheaper
4) Generally durable
5) Acceptable R.P.M. (something to do with the spinning speed), all my fanco fans can work on level 1 speed, I do hear complains on other brand where the level 1 give no wind at all, so do check out the RPM speed before buying your ceiling fan, I'm sure you don't want to buy a fan with 3 levels speed but only level 3 can be used.

Here are some photos of the fan in my master bedroom:

I like the design, simple and nice.

The design and colour of the fan match the design of my bedroom very well.

The price for Fanco fan is very reasonable, for just slightly more than $100, you get a ceiling fan in working condition and it is lasting.
Out of the four fans, only one fan has given me problem. It made noise whenever the fan is on, but is my fault not to call the agent immediately, I called the agent only after 9 months of using, although it is still within the warranty, I need not pay for the spare parts, but i have to pay for the transport and labour at $40. The repair man told me I should have called them in the first 3 months, whereby I do not need to pay a single cent to get them to rectify the problem. So a lesson learned here is, problem must be rectified early.
The after sales service from Fanco is good and acceptable. I have called them to my house twice, the first one being the incident described above, where the motor of the fan was spoilt, I paid $40 for transport and labour (as transport and labour is not part of warranty), the second time I called them because I still hear noise after the fan is repaired, and this time round I did not pay a single cent as it was within 3 mths after the first repair. However, the second visit turn out unnecessary as the noise was from the lights which were loose, the man help me to screw up firmly which solved the problem :)
Although the second visit was not because of the deficiency of the fan, the man gave me another slip and told me that the 3 months extended warranty after repair will count from the date of the second visit. I was delighted about this :)
Overall, I like my Fanco fans as they are really value for money.

I just found out that Fanco fan provides life time warranty to its fan motor :)

Fanco website: http://www.fanco.com.sg
46 Responses
  1. Liz Says:

    hi there, may i know the model of ur fanco fan? is the price $165 incl of installation? if not, how much is installation? thanks

  2. mylittlecasa Says:

    Hi Liz,
    The model is FFM2000 (those 52 inch fans in bedroom) and FF9-56 (the 56 inch fan in living room). The price does not include installation, I got my contractor to do it which he quoted a lumpsum in the renovation cost for all fixture installation. If you're renovating your house and getting someone to do the re-wring, u can get the contractor to do too, normally is considered "free" but they've actually included in their quote.
    If you're not doing renovation, installation is $20 per fan if i'm not wrong, u can call Royal Fanco to check on this.

  3. liz Says:

    hi littlecasa, thank u so much for your prompt reply! i ll cheong down later. :) is it all 3 fans $165 incl of the light saving lamp?

  4. mylittlecasa Says:

    Hi Liz,
    $165 per fan including the ligts :)

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Hi may I know whether the light is enough to brighten the whole bedroom

  6. mylittlecasa Says:

    the one i bought got 3 light bulbs, i can on just 1, 2 or all three at a time. If all 3 lights are on, it is very bright.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    I have 4 fanco fans installed in my house, it has been in operation for over 1.5years. So far so good EXCEPT for the remote control. If you are using remote control, then be prepared for headaches. The remote control speed button and light switch starts to fails within 9 months. I called the agent to get it repaired. They want to charge me for the transport cost to get it repaired. After much argument, no choice still paid for the transport cost. The technician did some touch up here and there and everything seems fine. But guess what the remote starts to act up again. This time round, I went to Sim Lim Tower bought the micro-switches and did my own soldering on the new switch to get all four remote control fixed. Yes all 4 remote control have problem. The cost of each micro switch was $0.50 and a little of my time. For a new remote control agent wants to charge me at least $90 per set.

    Otherwise the fan give good wind circulations.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Any reviews on ease of cleaning the fans? Won't the dust all drop to the furniture below while cleaning?

  9. mylittlecasa Says:

    Put newspapers below the fan when you are cleaning. The dirt will drop down to the bed. Normally I clean just before changing the bedsheet.

  10. Kok Heng mun Says:

    Hi how do u fix the switches? One of my fan switches medium is worst than a Low winds, and same thing happens that they are charging us $100 just for the transport charge. This is from the agent we bought from. Now got to try calling Fanco.

  11. mylittlecasa Says:

    Hi KH mum,
    Your's is Fanco? My 4 Fanco all very strong, so far I only use level 1 for the fan speed. You can call Fanco directly, I think the transport is about $40 only. Btw the size of the fan coil will determine the speed too.

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Hi, can u share with me how to fix up the remote?

  13. mylittlecasa Says:

    Sorry I'm not using remote control so can't advise on this

  14. Michelle Says:

    Hi there,

    I am thinking of installing these Fanco fans in my new HDB flat and found your review very helpful. Thank you.

    Would you recommend installing two 42 inch fans side-by-side in the living room? My living room is quite spacious. This way I would also get some breeze no matter where I place my furniture.

    Do you think size makes a difference - 42 vs. 52 inch and same number of blades?

    I will check out Royal Fanco! Thanks again!

  15. mylittlecasa Says:

    Hi Michelle,
    Yes, you may install 2 fans in your living room, some people install a big one near the TV and a small one for the dining area.
    Yes, size does matter, the bigger the fan the stronger the winds.

  16. Michelle Says:

    Thanks for your reply!

  17. aaron gan Says:

    Hi, May I know if the fans get rusty overtime?

  18. mylittlecasa Says:
    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  19. mylittlecasa Says:

    Hi Aaron,
    Don't see any rust so far.

  20. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks for sharing about the faulty remote control. I bought a Fanco fan with remote control 1 year and 1 month ago for about $400. Now the remote control is faulty and the technician told me to pay $125 to fix it. I told them that their product is faulty and I should not be bearing the cost alone. I'm sure there are more cases like mine and they should have told us before we purchase it. They told me that I'm the first one. Obviously lying. I asked him does his TV remote control spoil after 1 year? He said 'no'. Then why should this fan remote spoil after 1 year. I'm very upset with their service and I think there are many cases out there who are similar to mine and we are made to pay for a faulty product. This is outrageous. Thanks to this bad experience, I will never buy another Fanco again.

  21. Anonymous Says:

    I have not switched on my FANCO fan for years because the remote control is not working. The cost of fixing seems disproportionate to the cost of the fan. Still trying to find a reasonable solution.

  22. Anonymous Says:

    i bought a fan from them recently as well. kept breaking down and after 2 repairs, i cant even turn on the fan. their service is woeful! no more fanco!

  23. mylittlecasa Says:

    why don't you get them to repair it at no cost?

  24. Anonymous Says:

    where can I find fanco fan in JB

  25. Anonymous Says:

    the speed varies among the 4 fanco fans I have. some slower some faster at the same selection on the remote. is it adjustable at the fan motor itself? how is this done? Thnx.

  26. Anonymous Says:

    I have the same problem with remote control and it spoiled less than a year. Lousy product. Don't ever buy any FANCO product. Buy other brand. NO more FANCO.

  27. the fan that had motor issue... isit humming?

  28. Thanx alot.... mine Fanco F1 5mth+ starts humming liao.... very annoying at night when tv vol low..... getting Fanco to come check on friday... Thanx again.

  29. by the way... how you convinced them to change the motor... this is my 2nd appointment with fanco

  30. ekii Says:

    can i check with you as I am using the same model as u...? is the fan shaky when at speed no. 3? or should i get it check?

  31. Anonymous Says:

    Don't just go for any "electrician" who claimed that they can install ceiling fans. If the price sound too good to be true, better don't fall into victim to it. A good electrician won't allow shaking of the fan to happen. And even if the fan is not balanced, they will try their best to ensure that it doesn't have any big movement..

  32. Anonymous Says:

    Anyway I don't recommend purchasing fans from oversea even if it's JB. Why? These stuffs are controlled items and that's the reason why fan companies that want to sell their fan in Singapore have to get their fan tested so as to meet all safety aspect, by Spring Singapore. You may even get fined of up to $5k for failure to comply. Moreover, Malaysia fans, be it KDK, Fanco and other major brands, their default packaging are not suitable for singapore HDB.

    I personally have been using Fanco fans for more than 8 years and it's still performing wonderfully.. Electronic device such as remote control is subjected to wear and tear.. That's why all my fans is running perfectly as I don't use remote, but then again.. I'm using the pulling chain type fans..

    Every company have a warranty period of around 1 year which will cover and manufacturing defect.. Even for Apple and Samsung.. Why do they have servicing department in the first place? I've seen lots of my friends who use Apple phone for more than 2 years but didn't have any problem, but yet another friend of mine keep having problem every 3-6 months.. This boils down to the person who is using the product.

  33. mylittlecasa Says:

    to answer some questions here:
    1) I didn't convince them to change the motor, the technician came to check and change the part himself.
    2) My fans are not shaky even at the highest speed.
    3) I've 4 fanco fans, each gives me different problems at different time, I've gotten the technician to come and check / repair for about 3-4 times so far in these 5 years, all 4 fans still working fine, so I just take the servicing as a regular maintenance.
    4) Throughout the time, I learn that 50% of the problems lies on human, the ones using the fan, e.g. pulling the string wrong way, tilting the fan after wiping which cause the sound.
    5) I agree that we should buy fans in SG instead of Msia, unless you're a technician yourself.

  34. Cassandra Ng Says:

    Hi Casa, are u using LED bulb?

  35. Cassandra Ng Says:

    Im looking at franco fan too

  36. Cassandra Ng Says:

    Any advise on FFM7000..appreciated

  37. Unknown Says:

    I have 3 x fanco fan for every rm. Every year their motor and capacitor got problem. Really causes inconvenience. Has really poor efficiency and reliability. Even tbough the motor is lifetime warranty. They will charge u $40 for labor and delivery. Capacitor itself only has few mths warranty after changed for $40. Recently i got to know that. Ita not only me that face the same problem. Even my friend has the same problem. Go to their fb page. They have so much complaint review from their customer. I think i am going for reliable brand like kdk which i am using in my hall for 15 years and still running. Its better to invest a bit more $$ for sustainability,efficiency and reliability for a long run. If not every year must fork out $$. Haizzz.. Siann.

  38. kenji Goh Says:

    Hi Don mind ask,I have 3 room flat,my leaving hall is 48".is that too small?

  39. Wahid Abd Says:

    Mostly fanco fan got this problem.
    Why not try kdk fan it is more reliable and durable fan. I'm doing repairing all fan. The problem and complain with fanco fan is more than kdk fan. ;-)

  40. LivingShack Says:

    Thanks for sharing about the faulty remote control. It seems like a great product but they are unreasonably pricing the ordinary folk out of the market. buy ceiling fan online singapore

  41. Vincent Low Says:

    Hi mylittlecasa and all others,
    I am currently very bothered on the choosing of ceiling fan for my new place.... kind of headache.... I am being recommended by a seller whom use to be my primary school mate.... He recommnded Fanco FFM6000.... his family has been in the trade for almost 40 years...... but I do saw alot of people complaining on their remote control..... on the other hand.... I'm more into KDK.... as their new U48FP look better in design..... but yet.... saw the reviews from Hardwarezone that the new KDK fans their PCB dun last..... How?????

  42. Anonymous Says:

    choosing ceiling fans is really a headache. been going around for 2 weeks now and the reviews are very mixed esp on Fanco. many shops now recommend/push the Samaire brand, but not many reviews on that. if anyone has used, please comment.

  43. This comment has been removed by the author.

  44. Very nice blog. If you are looking for energy saving fan, then Hover is the correct option for you.Visit: https://www.hover.global/ceiling-fans.html

  45. Kumar Says:

    Hi everyone ,
    I bought a fanco venice fan in Dec'17. In Jan 2019, i noticed the color fading on the blades . Called them , no warranty . in May'19 , my lights on the fan gave way . Called again , they said warranty only a year . Technician charges will be RM55, parts and repair will be separate .
    Thinking of changing the fan. too tired to deal with them. Other rooms installed Rubine . Till today not a single issue.

    Hardly used the lights too !!! Waiting for the quote before deciding.

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