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How to remove pencil and pen marks on glossy laminated surface

My 2 year old girl scribbled on my TV console while I was busy with something. To my horror the scribbles were by pencil and pen and covered a very large area of my TV console. As my TV console was in white glossy laminate, it was extremely obvious!
I couldn't use any strong detergent or rough sponge to wipe the marks for fear that it would scratch the laminate. I tried using tissue paper with a little water but the marks was too stubborn to be removed, while I was almost giving up, I thought of the UIC soft srub which I normally use for washing my stainless steel pots. I use UIC soft scrub to wash my stainless steel pots as it is not a strong cleaning agent and will not scratch the surface of my pots, and now I discovered its usage other than washing the pot, ahah!
I'm surprised that this UIC soft scrub worked extremely well when used to clean my glossy laminate, I just put a small dot (about the size of a 5 cents coin) to the wet tissue paper and wiped across the pen and pencil marks. The marks disappeared with just one wipe, no strength or whatever hard work was needed! I will definitely use it to wipe my glossy laminate in future, especially those cabinets in the kitchen which are oily after the cooking :)
This UIC soft srub can be bought from NTUC at S$1.55 only:
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