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Why you should not buy furniture from Ikea

I have always advise my readers not to buy furniture from Ikea, but I think most still buy due to the excellent marketing strategy, it is hard to resist if you've visited their showroom.

You can definitely buy the accessories from Ikea, but if you're looking for big furniture like sofa, table or wardrobe, please consider properly. Is it really value for money?

I've bought a bookcase from Ikea many years ago, the bookcase collapsed after I arranged my books on it; when I was still staying with my brother, he bought a shoes cabinet from Ikea and it collapsed after a week of use. So I have always thought that Ikea's furniture is not lasting.

Early this year, when I was looking for a bookcase for my children, my hubby suggested we give Ikea a second chance. He thought, maybe the first bookcase we bought was too cheap and was not able to hold the number of books we have. I agreed with him and we visited its showroom and we set aside a higher budget for the bookcase.

After a few round of 'investigation', we thought this cabinet is more sturdy and should be able to hold the children's books:

This cabinet looked sturdy, it cost me around $130++, for this price for just two drawers, I would expect it to be of better quality.  But sadly, it still broke down after a week.

 This time round, the bottom of the cabinet cracked and warped, as shown in the picture.

A closer examination of the 'wood', can you consider the material as 'wood'? It is more like a hard paper to me, not even the low cost plywood material!

Ikea has definitely ruined the second chance I've given to them, for this incident, I'll definitely not buy any furniture from them in future.

I bought a small bookcase from NTUC (NTUC! Not even a furniture shop!) at just $16 (after 20% discount). It serves the purpose well and I could stuff all my children's books on it without fearing of it collapsing. This is truly 'value for money'.

So why buy from Ikea? Cheap? Don't think so. Value for money? Definitely not.

Do visit the neighborhood furniture shop and compare the price if you're really on tight budget, forget about going to Ikea!

3 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    Hi, while I don't think Ikea products are great or value for money, I do believe it all depends on the user and the care taken during assembly. I am a avid movie fanatic and I store over 500 bluray disks on the ikea billy bookshelves. I understand bluray disks are not as heavy as some novels and textbooks but that is my point. Depends on what you use them for. The other point is the assembly. Some people just aren't handy... so to speak. It will last longer if you get someone handy to assemble it for you. Just my humble opinion. Thanks for the post.

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