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WMF 5 Piece Set Cookware

I bought this set of Stainless steel cookware during the OG sales, at $129 only. This cookware is recommended by my babysitter, who has been using it. I've previously bought other brand of stainless steel cookware, but after using for sometime you'll find some rusty material at the edge of the cookware especially if you store water inside. I've confronted salesman for this as it was stainless steel cookware that I'm buying but how come it become rusty? The salesman replied saying Singapore water got steel inside, so is the water that rusty not the cookware (ha, funny). Anyway for this WMF cookware there's no such issue, I can feel the material is more solid than the previous stainless steel cookware I bought. Btw I'm not those particular about getting good cookware last time, I've used less than $20 pot for cooking previously. But now I find is necessary to get a set of cookware with good quality, at least a set you don't get to see rust around the pot :)

Description of the material of the cookware set:
Cromargan® 18/10 stainless steel - robust, unsusceptible to scratches and impacts and indestructible even if used intensively.
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