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Solid Surface for Kitchen table top - do not choose black!

The following are pictures of my kitchen when it was renovated last year:

It was designed by myself after copy here and there from magazine. I like the design because it is simple and clean. Initially I wanted to use white solid surface to give it a whole white kitchen, but I decided on black colour, thinking it'll be easier to maintain. But I was wrong!
Never never choose black colour if your key concern is "easy" to maintain, of course you can still choose it if you want to have the "style", but then, bear in mind of the maintainance, why?
Solid surface looks like granite, but it is not granite, it is molded into the shape that fit your kitchen top, the colour of the material is actually yellowish or white. It is very prompt to scratches, a spoon, chopstic, or pot left on the table can cause scratches. When it has scratches, you'll see many obvious white lines, your solid surface will soon be covered by all these lines!
Look at the solid surface what most hospitals are using, they are using white, no noticeable scratches, that's the reason behind......
7 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    hey thanks for the review. was thinking to have granite black galaxy countertop hmm.. any reviews on the glossy laminated cabinet? easy to maintain?

  2. mylittlecasa Says:

    You mean the real granite? I think it'll be very expensive. I think those material that the government hospital using will be good, sometimes the more expensive the more difficult to maintain.
    The glossy laminate so far so good, not that difficult to maintain like what were mentioned by other forumer, I've no problem with it, just wipe with damp cloth will do.
    I shall blog about this soon :)

  3. Anonymous Says:

    hi, may I know who will do the installation of mirror and other stuff in the toilet?

  4. Mylittlecasa Says:

    All installation done by my main contractor mr tan, he already charged a lump sum under his quotation, u may see here
    If u doing main renovation, u can get ur contractor to do all the installation which will be cheaper. If not, the shop can provide installation at a fee

  5. Sygnur Says:

    Read ur blog just in time.... Was leaning heavily on using black solid top for my kitchen. Guess have to scrap that plan now.
    But what about black engineered stone(quartz) such as Silestone? Any positive/negative feedback about it?

  6. mylittlecasa Says:

    Hi Sygnur,
    Quartz is definitely better than solid surface, but i think is more expensive. I heard only 2 major companies doing Quartz in Singapore, i.e. caesarstone and silestone, you might want to get quote from both and decide. If price only slightly above solid surface, i would advise u go for Quartz, coz solid surface is basically NO resistance to anything even a sticker can leave a mark on it :(

  7. That's true. If a black granite countertop was scratched with a knife or spoon, the damage would be very visible. You just have to be extra careful when using sharp kitchen utensils. It would be better if you placed them in a drawer below the countertop. That way, you can avoid utensils from dropping down to your countertop when you are in a rush.

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