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Down lights, ceiling lights, wall lights from www.lightings.com.sg

I bought my lights on the dining area from Johor Bahru Malaysia, it was cheap, only cost me RM418 (equivalent to around SGD180), you may click here and here to see the lights.
However, I do not have time to go in Malaysia again, thus I would have to source for another place selling cheap lights in Singapore, and then I found www.lightings.com.sg.
After a little sourcing and comparison, I do find lightings.com prices cheaper, and no bargaining is needed. The prices are fixed as per listed on the shop, no reservation and most people do cash and carry. There are some bad comments on the forum, but I find their service ok and satisfactory. Btw they do charge $18 for delivery.
Although their prices is cheap, the quality of the lights is so-so and some I would say inferior. Out of the lights I bought from them, my wall light in the toilet spoilt and was repaired once only after few months of using it. One of the down lights in my kitchen do blink on and off. However, all these are not a big issue to me, because I can easily repair it by changing the bulb. Anyway the quality of lights are quite depending on luck sometimes, doesn't mean you've spent big money and you'll get a light that will work fine forever.
Down lights, $24 per piece

I like this type of down lights, simple and nice, easy to clean.

How it looks on my living hall. By the way, I've 9 downlights in my living hall, which were controlled by 3 power switches. I can on just the 4 as shown in this picture, or the 2 on top of my piano, or the other 3 on the way to my rooms, you should plan your lights wiring in this way, to save up the energy consumption.

Ceiling light in my MBR, $70

Ceiling light in my common room, $40

Wall light in my MBR toilet, $48
6 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    Hi, can share the details of ur downlight? i.e. the brand, wattage and dimensions? thanks! :)

  2. mylittlecasa Says:

    Found this description from the invoice:
    7313 WH2x18W D/L, I suppose is 18 watt? Not sure about the brand and dimension, you can check it out from lightings.com at Balestier road

  3. inge data Says:

    Beautiful! I found similar products on this website: www.archiexpo.com/architecture-design-manufacturer/downlight-203.html

  4. Choosing the best lighting is not something that is the easiest for everyone. It is something that is important to consider though. An LED down-light will be able to offer just enough light in one area of the room so that people are able to see what they are doing.

    down lights supplier in singapore

  5. Cel Says:

    Hi, is your downlight in white or warm white?

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