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How to hang your TV on wall? Is feature wall a must?

No, I have a full length TV feature wall with console custom made in my living room, I do not want this bulky fixture in my master bedroom. I want a specious bedroom, thus the lesser furniture the better.
Many people told me I cannot just hang my TV like that, but I give it a try. I get my contractor to fix the power point in the middle of the wall, where my TV will be. My 29 inch Sharp had been mounted there for a year, so far so good, no falling off.

It was mounted on the wall, beside the entrance to my toilet in my master bedroom. A clean and sharp arrangement. No extra space taken.

Even the person mounting the TV for me told me might not be able to do this, I told him just give it a try, and roll up the wire at the back of the TV, as long as I don't see them.

Yes, those wires do get dusty over the time, but who cares? You don't get to see them, and cleaning is not a problem if you want to.

So if you ask me, "Do I need to buy a console in my room? Do I need to build a feature wall?" The answer is no!
6 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    I think this definitely works if you have provided for it during renovations. The power point and SCV point must be concealed at the right spot. However, since most of us may not have thought of it earlier, some form of cabinet or wall is needed to hide the ugly trunking or wires.

  2. If your house is still under renovation, it'll be much cheaper to get the contractor to install a powerpoint than buying a feature wall or cabinet.
    That's why planning is very important :)

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Hi Is Mr Tan a registered contractor with HDB?

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Hi, any good intro for curtain maker?

  5. Hi,
    To answer the first question on whether Mr Tan is a registered contractor, i suppose contractors need not register with HDB, but if you're doing renovation on HDB, the contractor will need to get approval from HDB on your renovation plan.
    Mr Tan has many years of experience in renovating both HDB and private housing, just give him a call to check it out :)

  6. mylittlecasa Says:

    I don't have contact for curtain maker, but my advice is don't spend too much money on curtain. Some ppl spent $3k on curtain, even a simple curtain for 4 room flat will cost you $1k+!
    To me, this money can be put in better use. You may refer to my living room, I only tailor made the curtain for my MBR and living room which cost me $650 or $700+ I can't remember exactly. I bought those off the shelve curtain for the rest of my rooms.

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