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How to save cost on door for common room or bedroom

My original doors are those natural wood colour laminated doors, which were quite a popular colour in the 90's, but an out of fashion colour and design now. We wanted to change the door, but to our horror, door seem to be an expensive item. Even the cheapest plastic door can cost you $200, even an bifold door for toilet can cost you close to $300. We definitely want to save cost on doors, especially when we have so many doors in the different rooms and toilets.....
My contractor helped me think of a brilliant method, we get the factory laminate the plywood door with Nyatoh wood. Paint it in dard brown colour, which costs me $200 per door, inclusive of the lock handle. We add $40 for the stainless steel bar, and this is how our door look like:

For my common toilet I did not put the stainless steal bar, save the $40 :)

We prefer this type of handle instead of those round type:

We get the contractor to paint the old door frame same colour as the door, so it matched up nicely.

The original door look like this, so ugly right?
5 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    May I know the address for buying laminate the plywood door with Nyatoh wood ?
    Can you send to my email (maleilei12@gmail.com). Thanks

  2. mylittlecasa Says:

    you can contact Mr Tan at 96354336

  3. Anonymous Says:

    May I know if your cost includes delivery and installation? Also the cost of painting?

  4. Squares UPVC Says:

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