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Bosh Front Load Washing Machine - WAS24444ME

My first washing machine is LG 6kg top load washing machine bought in 2004, after 6 years, it is still working fine now. But I find this 6kg a bit small, for 2 person's clothing, if we wash twice a week it'll be very full. Also, I do find top load washing machine can't really clean the clothes well, many times i found the clothes were spin left and right in the drum only, no wonder my husband keep complaining his clothes not clean even though I did soak it before start the machine......
So this time round, I was looking for front load washing machine, for which I visited some shops and checked out the forum and found the following:
1) for front load WM, do not buy those Korean made, the Europe made is better quality
2) As such, it left only Bosh, Electrolux, Bandt in the checklist
3) Many complain Bandt very noisy, some said can even hear the thundering sound meters away, as my LG sometimes do give me noisy sound, I experienced it and knew the feeling of being disturbed by a WM, so Bandt is out of my list
4) Bosh and Electrolux seem to be both good brands, but Bosh has more supporters on forum and the price only slightly higher thand Electrolux, so I narrow down to Bosh.
5) Saw some complain about the time Bosh WM takes to complete a full load (estimated about 2.5 hours), it is indeed very long, but what the salesman said is true, how many will wash for full load?
6) Other points why I would choose Bosh were the good customer service forumer posted, I think is important to have good customer service, and the cleanliness of the clothes after wash, which is what I'm looking for.

So after narrow down to Bosh, I need to choose the model I want. Heard some good comments on WAE24360SG, wanted to get this one but after visiting the Harvey Norman Expo Sales, I purchased WAS24444ME as WAS24444ME is made in German, 8kg, with max 1200rpm spin speed (do not buy any front load WM with less than 1200rpm spin speed), and have more functions. While WAS24360SG is Thailand made, 7kg with max 1200rpm spin speed and the price is only about $200 lesser.

So what's the damage? I paid $1,399 for it, but the salesman said I'll get $150 cash rebate back from Bosh, and Capital land $20 voucher and Polar $5 voucher as I'm paying by UOB lady card.

See below for the picture:

For details you may refer:

I love this washing machine! Some people might find that there're too many programs and confusing in operating it, but I find it easy to use and very user friendly. Although the washing time is longer than my previous top load washing machine, but it really clean the clothes properly! At least now my husband's clothes (including those sports ones) are no longer smelly after wash (I don't even need to soak it before wash)!
Bosh also provide very good customer service, they deliver the machine on time (given me few calls to confirm the delivery schedule) and they sent someone to demo to me.
Overall, I'll give 4 out of 5 stars for this product!

Side note:
My close friend bought Electrolux, according to her, the programs was not that friendly. Bosh has 15min super fast, where I use it for washing few pieces of my kids clothes, but her Electrolux doesn't has this function. You might want to check it out if you're considering Electrolux or Bosh.

After checking my machine and my invoice, I realised mine is WAS24444ME and not WAS28444ME, the only difference between these 2 machines is that WAS24444ME max spin is 1200 while WAS28444ME is 1400. Thanks to the anonimous reader who left me the comment!

Please read this post on the high cost of repair.
10 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    hi, any reason why front load should not be < 1200rpm spin speed?
    btw, this WAS28444ME only support Spin Speed: 400 –1200rpm... where did you got yr 1400rpm info?


  2. mylittlecasa Says:

    the higher the spin the more dry your clothes will be after wash, high spin is good when u wash big item or in raining days, it helps to dry out the clothes faster, and of course you can wash your clothes in lower spin, but if you purchase lower spin, you can't choose higher spin. 1200rpm is acceptable to me, but 800rpm or below the clothes will still be wet after wash.
    Mine WAS2844ME is with 1400rpm, you can refer to bosh website:

  3. Unknown Says:

    Hi, will spinning the washing machine at max speed of 1200 tangle your clothing or worst still tear apart the clothing?


  4. no, I think only those top load machine will tangle your clothes when spinning. For front load the spinning is different, so far I've no problem with it.
    Do note the spinning is pre-programmed according to the program you selected, e.g. for quick 15 min wash the spinning is only 80.

  5. soofurn Says:

    Pardon me for asking,isn't top load washing machine easily cos no need to bend down to collect/put in clothes? Is front load washing machine wash clothes better?

  6. mylittlecasa Says:

    Hi Soofurn,
    front load machine can wash clothes cleaner, if you notice, top load machine only spin the clothes left and right where all your clothes are entangled together, if there's any stain on the clothes, it will never be washed off. Front load machine spin 360 degree top down, all clothes hit the drum whenever it was spin downwards, clothes tend to be cleaner. Besides, it is using warm water and lesser water. I find it more efficient and worth the money. As in bending down to collect the clothes, not a problem to me, at least the clothes come out to be in pieces instead of in a bunch entangled with each other. Ha!

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  9. Unknown Says:

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