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The Purpose of My Little "Casa"

We purchased our first HDB back in 2004, with no much requirements, we bought our 3 room flat and move in without any renovation. After the new addition to the number of family members, we realised a 3 room flat is not enough for our family planning, and we thus purchased our second property, a private condominium, and this time round with more requirements and expectation of it, which comes our headache......
Like many, we surf the Internet for information on renovation, furniture and fittings, electronic products and etc, the good thing of Internet is that we get the reviews of those who purchased the similar products as us, but the bad things are too much information to digest and too many fake forumers around (e.g. the boss of certain shop posting good comments about themselves)
Thus, the purpose of this blog is to document down the information we've digested, and our own experiences in going thru the process, so that our fellow forumers can save their time in getting the information they want.

Recommended website if you would prefer to source for your own information:
1) Renotalk - http://www.renotalk.com/forum/index.php
2) Singapore brides - http://www.singaporebrides.com/cgi-bin/forumboard/discus.cgi

Wish everyone good luck in building your own sweet home :)
3 Responses
  1. Sue Says:

    Hi Winnie

    I have really enjoyed reading everything you have posted on your blog which took me hours to finish. You have provided a lot of useful information, tips, guide and personal experience in your journey of renovating.

    I have been searching for information and getting as much details as I can so that I could get someone who can do my home. I am getting my keys in a week's time for a 4-room HDB flat. I'm contemplating whether to get a contractor or getting an ID company to do the work. I have spoken to a few IDs whom all of them said they can coordinate all the work. But I'm still not sure as these IDs have a higher fee than just contractors. Moreover I have a limited budget. So I'm still thinking about it.

    I noticed that you have engaged contractors to do the work for you while you designed and coordinated the renovation. I'm thinking about doing it that way so as to save cost. May I know if it is a lot of work for you when you were renovating?

    Your home looks really nice and I like things to be simple and clean which is why I spend hours looking and reading your blog.

    Thanks for sharing your experience. :)

  2. mylittlecasa Says:

    Hi Sue,
    I'm glad that you found this website useful :)

  3. Austin Na Says:

    Hi..I'm going to have my new house key in a month. May i know any one have any
    reliable I D company or contractor to recommend. Will be much appreciate. ..thanks.
    best regards:austin na

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