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Montella Wallpaper

We passed by a roadshow by The Montella on their wallpaper in early August, we were attracted by their wallpapers. The promotion price then was $450 for 2 rolls and $495 for 1 roll, each roll is 3mx5m, and min purchase is 1 roll. Pls note the price is before GST. I can't really say whether the price is cheap, coz I've seen a forumer got one of his wall pasted with wallpaper and quoted by his ID SGD800, on the other hand also have people posted on the forum complaining Montella's pricing is more expensive than others. I guess there're many types of wallpaper around, for us we find the price reasonable, as it include labour cost to paste it on the wall, and it was those textured type of wallpaper made in Korea, so we placed a deposit of S$300.
The showrooms for The Montella were at IFC in Sungei Kadut and Kaki Bukit actually, we visited the IFC the next week to check out their design. The salesman Adrian attended to us was ok, attitude good, but heard some complain about him on forum. As we're still not certained about the no of roll we want, we didn't confirm the design and make full payment (delivery about 3 weeks after full payment made), but tentatively it'll be the following one:

My husband was attracted by the design of their sofa when we were in their IFC showroom, but as I've seen bad comments about their furniture (e.g. delay delivery), I did not agree on buying it. Also the sofas were mainly made by fabric (Adrian said is special fabric that water will no go in if you spill water on it), the price could be $2.8k above, to me, a fabric sofa is still fabric, it can't be more expensive than cowhide leather right?

We did not choose the above design in the end, for our review and the final design, please click here.

For my sofa and dining table, I bought them from Malaysia, you may click here if you're interested.
3 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    Hiya do u have any contact for doing curtains? Can email me at QYAN09@YAHOO.COM?
    Thanks! =)

  2. mylittlecasa Says:

    I lost my contact for the curtain, you can go to the woodlands Centre, which is the old woodlands checkpoint, there are few shops tailor make the curtains. You may get a quote from there.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Montella just closed their Toh Guan showroom. Recently they have closed their IFC and Furniture Mall (Plaza)showrooms. Good to keep an eye on them. Cash&Carry. No deposits is the way to go.

    To be fair to Montella, some fabric more expensive than leather. Laura Ashley, Zegna, Acacia fabrics same price or more expesice than leather.

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