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Rinnai Hob RB-3VA and Rinnai Hood RH-90CD

I bought my Rinnai Hob RB-3VA and Rinnai Hood RH-90CD from Asia Excel at IMM (see my review of this shop here).
I bought the set of hood and hob at $980. The price was not expensive consider I was getting a chimney hood and a 3 burner stainless steel hob. I like the design of the RH-90CD hood, and this is the reason why I'd waited it for such a long time.
A picture of it with the hob:

This is how it was displayed in my kitchen, sorry about the messiness.

I got my carpenter to fix the hood and hob for me, however, there were some problems after fixing, like the hood could not function and the burner very hard to start. I called the customer service of Rinnai and the lady told me I got to wait a very long time to get the problem fixed. I threw my tantrum on her and told her I waited more than a month to get the items delivered to my premise and now it couldn't function and I got to wait again?! She possessed very bad customer service and we had a few quarrels over the phone and at the end someone sound like the boss came to my place to fix the problem. I did not know who was the guy but I was very satisfied with his service, he fixed the problem and told me the hood was not functioning because of the bad job done by my carpenter, he also showed me the burner was not aligned properly resulted in the problem. He explained to me how to take good care of my hood and hob. I would advise that if you're paying someone to install the hood and hob, it'll be better to get the agent to do it instead of your contractor.

A closer look of my hood:

After a year of use, my Rinnai hood is still functioning well, but not the stainless steel hob:

One of the burners is very hard to start fire

As you can see, the inside of the burner is rusted
Look at the circled area, it was also rusted.

As my branded stainless steel pot bought from OG also got rusted, I don't know whether the hob rusted is because of our SG water (the salesman from OG told me the rust is from the steel in the water), many stainless steel items in my house seem to get rusted anyway. The salesman told me, if you can wipe of the rust by using detergent, it means the rust is not from the item, I don't know how true is that you might want to give it a try.

Overall, I don't find Rinnai products excellent in anyway compare to my previous Elba, but as the price is quite reasonable to me, I'll stick to this brand currently and monitor the hob.
4 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    Rinnai previously produced quality hob and now I think their product quality start going downhill.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Actually there grades in stainless steel they are using 304 which will rust if stainless steel is not taken care of, becos grade 303 (all weather) will cost many times more

  3. looked like your pan support is enamel coating with steel cos looked thin. Any deterioration on pan support after prolong usage? Should be about 3 yrs since you bought it.

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